I Love You, Ji-Yong

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I'd died once but I rose from the dead, because I believe I should give love another chance.


I was forced into marrying a man whom I don't even know.


There are many possibilities

a) run away from home

b) beg my parents

c) kill myself


As you know, none of them works. Ever since I was in my mother's womb, my life have been entirely controlled by my parents. I was a chess piece. An 'it' that people can used about all the time.

My name is Sandara Park. I was 19 when I was told to live with a stranger for the rest of my life. And when I thought my life could get any worst, I was lost in time.

I was in love with a cold and ignorant stranger that I shouldn't even have meet.

I ruined his life, and but he lit up mine.

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rogan016 #1
Chapter 15: Thanks for this wonderful story! I cried from the start til I finished it(makes me a crazy crying mess while reading)! Really good one! Hope to read more daragon stories from you! Hoping to have a PDF copy of all your stories!
Xhangesteban #2
Chapter 10: Awww dara
bethzky05 #3
Rereading this one too, just finished the Cure series! Deym, I really missed your stories authornim.
Chapter 16: Wow! That was such a rollercoaster thank you for this im coming for more!
auliya_angel #5
author-nim can you give me this story copy file... please???
auliya_angel #6
Chapter 15: hello author-nim i am new reader... i love your story so much...
Chapter 16: Yep i cry ... :) but daebak story!!!
jessicabyun #8
Awesome story...
Chapter 16: omg , my heart , thank you Author ! to the next sequeal!
Jidara01 #10
Chapter 1: I love everything about this story.