Locker Room

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There was a story passing around the campus that when the sound of a guitar would break the locker room’s silence, then a certain guy was having ‘y times’; each time with somebody else. Nobody dared to prove the authenticity of the problem, being too scared of becoming the student’s next target; but when someone hissed in the cafeteria “It’s him! The guy from the locker room!”, Do Kyungsoo wondered how could someone so inoffensively-looking be the center of the entire rumor.


“Why do you seem so disappointed? What were you expecting me to do?”

“You don’t know about it? The rumor?”

“Which rumor?”

“They say you bang people in here.”



Author’s note:

`Sup? This is, uhm, a birthday present for Gabby? An earlier birthday present for Gabby actually. I love you, Gabby! Wish you all the best and I hope this little story will make your day brighter than it already was. So, Enjoy! Comments are highly appreciated.

*Gyeongju – coast city in South Korea.

Warning: May contain a fewalot swear words because I’m so cool and Jongdae is a butthurt.






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thesourcream #1
Chapter 1: Hello, author-nim. You wrote such a very cute, sweet, and fluffy fic! Really, this fic just barges into my favorites. I love how baekhyun is always trying to hook them up and his struggling gladly make a result. Thank you for sharing, and keep writing kyungmyeon! ;)
onlyKiseop91 #2
Chapter 1: Kyaaaaaaaaah!! This is so sweet, so cute, so amazing and so so funny:D :D Kyungsoo and Junmyun ohhhhhhh my feels!!!
"Because I love you Kyungsoo" yeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ (I couldn't write it the way you did because I'm through mobile sry) and "love you too silly" I DIED!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ JONGDAE!!!! I THINK I'LL START FANGIRLING OVER HIM BECAUSE OF THIS STORY GOD I LOVED HIIIIIIIIM xD xD xD xD xD
God you would never know how much i love this fanfiction because Joonmyeon is so sweet here and i really fallen for the ending like omfg jongdae i thank you a lot for bringing back together with your hilarious exposure like lol

thank you for made such a moving yet fluff and sweet story! ;;;;;
Chapter 1: Lol kim jongdae
Chapter 1: I know this is supposed to be a "sudo", but I really can't concentrate on anything BUT Jongdae. Gosh, that man and his sass. EFFING Brilliant.
Tina08 #6
Chapter 1: this story is so cute and fluffy and perfect. I love the kyunmyeon here! Thnank you for writing such an awesome story!!!!!
gyuriosity #7
Chapter 1: Kyungsoo slowly falling for Joonmyun is the sweetest thing! And aww always smiling Joonmyun is so perfect. ALSO JONGDAE IS THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS STORY I FORGOT ABOUT THE SUDO LOVE WHEN HE STARTED SPEAKING this boy sassy as heck.

Thank you for writing this! ♡
sundawn #8
Chapter 1: I have nothing to say. I love the story. I love how it ended with 'I love you too, silly'. What a great story. Love it! Thank you for the story.
Chapter 1: I'm so laughing my cute off! xD Priceless baby! That Jongdae, your dude, is terrific! I suggest you to marry him someday! Lol!
"No one does it better than him" asdfghjkasdfghjk I forgot how to breath *coughs* youmademydirtymindfly *coughs* and then I remembered how and then I died with the because-I-love-you-Kyungsoo part~ >//< Let me cry over how sweet it was! *wipes tears away*
Darn those lips and perfect smile of Kim Joonmyeon! I so drooled over that image! *closes her eyes again* I love you!
Oh! And that was why you asked about the campus magazine thingy?! x)

And once again you just blew my mind with your writing!!! Thank you so much! You're the sweetest troublemaker out there and I love you for that! :') And I don't want to sound too cheesy so I'm just gonna say that I love it! <3