[SERIES] Trust Me, Baby



I was 18 and I was stupid. I ran away from home, upset with my parents, and poof! I welcome myself to New York. Now, I'm broke, starving and VERY far away from home. 
I sat at the end of a flight of stairs near the back exit of the New York International Airlines. Spring was still far away so I was shivering from the coldness of Winter. I almost broke into tears, hopeless until a helping hand streched upon me. Stood before me, a well-bred young man in suit I'm pretty sure tailor-made, Armani design with a charming smile spread across his gorgeous face. He saw me sitting alone here gloomily and presumed I needed a shelter for the night as it was getting dark. I was glad I met a Korean. Jonghyun, his name, from the family of Kim, the fortune-maker which recently made it to the first page of newspaper for their skyscraping resort being a big hit among the tourists.
Well, the gentleman was carrying out his role and I was lucky to meet him so I took his hand and accepted his kind offer. We took a ride with his dark red-metallic Lamborghini and head towards his residence. He invited me to dinner and we were having a nice talk accompanied with wine, about his life and how I wound up in New York. 
But then, I woke up that morning, , in his modern-like bedroom, on his comfy queen-sized bed, on the white sheet with his arms cuddling me close to him who were also and our legs were entangled. LEGS ENTANGLED. With each other. That's never a good sign. Both of us were shocked and judging by the way our clothes splattered here and there on the floor with a remnant of on the table next to the bed, I'm pretty sure we had . I mean, my back hurted!
Since then, he treated me like a princess, said that he'd take care of me since we went that far. We dated and I was ing happy with my life. I had everything. I live with my boyfriend, who hugs me like a teddy bear, he even permits me to work as his secretary and I get presents every month. Not only that, he's good in bed and hell yeah, I love a good every week. Though I was having a hectic time adapting to my new life in New York the early months, he was there for me and I was really thankful for his support.
It has been two years and I turned 20. Not much has changed. I love Jonghyun more each day I live. Until the came. Kevin, 22 years old, eligible and the famous rich young boy who inherited a fortune and a cosmetic company, 'May Deline' known through out the world. Jongman, Jonghyun's father wanted to match both of them and I was furious. Even furious when I found out that Kevin was interested in my Jonghyun. He wooed him and yeah, Jonghyun bought his charms. Since then, me and Jonghyun frequent fought and our relationship was failing.
What hit me hard was the lack of love I received from Jonghyun. All this time, the only thing I feared for, the fact that I love him more than he loves me was proven. I was pregnant. With Jonghyun's child. I took a test at the clinic. Seems like I was among the men who has ovary and can produce offsprings. Very FEW men. I told Jonghyun and I thought the 28 days old child would strengthen our love. Instead, he refused me and even revealed his secret lover. None other than Kevin,  as I expected. Yes, he cheated me and I was thrown out the streets alone. He never loved me more than I did.
I suffered through the years, giving birth, raising the child on my own, without parents and living my life scraping through every opportunity. It taught me well. Never trust strangers. Especially the ones who we meet on our first day in a foreign country. My story isn't ending. It is just starting from now on. Sometimes I wonder whether I can regain my pride and the perfect life I was supposed to lead by now. But, I'll show them. I am, after all : LEE TAEMIN.



Promoting my fics here. Um... English is not my native language, so pardon all the grammatical errors and such. Enjoy! :D
Warning: boyxboy, mpreg
thank you for subscribing and the continued support. I love you, readers.

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Chapter 30: It was so beautiful!.....I couldn't stop reading!......but I wanted they have their own kid if possible!anyway it was so good!
Always 2min!
(> 3 <)
Chapter 30: Author-nim, just tell me. JUST TELL ME ONLY ONE THING That- will 2min be apart at the end of the story? I asked it first cuz i saw the comments every1 saying itz sad. And sad stories keep my MOOD OFF for at lst a week n i cnt concentrate in nythng :(
my weak self cnt bear that lot :(
Chapter 30: wohooo i just read this story again:)) so heartbreaking yet sweet<3
Chapter 29: Da** I still feel bad about this ending :(
I had to re-read the whole story because its that good .
Chapter 32: hohoo I read it already^^ thanks for the news:) I thought there'll be a sequel for this story, but because there's no one of it, your new story is enough for me:)
Chapter 32: hohoo I read it already^^ thanks for the news:)
teatea123 #7
Chapter 31: It's over already? ;n; That was an amazing roller coaster of emotional feels. Well writen and I love how it all turned out ( though I am extremely upset that my puppysaurous had to die. Me creys)
Chapter 31: ouch. TT
I really love you and your story:* it's just… well, warmhearted:) thank you for made such a beautiful story for us to read.
Waterdroplet #10
I loved the ending soo much!! I'm sad that "Trust Me, Baby" is over but it was an amazing fic!!