Do you know that Black Cat have a curse?Not an ordinary curse,it a long time curse.The curse said..whoever being followed by a Black Cat,he/she will meets their mate.But only after their nine meeting,they can be together.Why?I don`t know.Let us found out together,ok?






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Kim Jae Joong = A nerd student that love books then his face.Why did I said his face???Cuz....Nerdy Kim Jae Joong is way beautiful then the Queenkah in Haru Academy.He loves cat but he doesn`t believe the so called Black Cat Curse.He said that cat is to kind to make that curse,well maybe.Let`s see what happen to Jae ok?


Jung Yun Ho = The leader of Kingkah at Haru Academy.He is popular not just because he is rich,but also because he smart(One year older then JaeJoong).He love cats but cats hate him.Why?Cuz.he too obsessed with seriously obsessed and he know about the Black Cat Curse and believe the curse.


Shim ChangMin = Cousin of Jung Yun Ho and one of the Kingkah at Haru Academy.He is what we call as the genius.He have been skip 2 years class and enter the same class with his beloved cousin though he age is 15(Mind you that Jae is 16 and Yun is 17)years old.He know about the curse and he love to tease his cousin because of the curse


Park Yoo Chun = Another Kingkah at Haru Academy.He is YunHo and ChangMin friends(know each other since in their mummy stomach,lol).He is the flirt in their group but his heart is taken.Same age with YunHo.Know about the curse and believe about it.


Kim Jun Su = Jae Joong cutie friend.He is a nerd but not like JaeJoong.He is a ball of happiness(always bring happiness)and his smile...urgh just killing me^^.Not like JaeJoong,he do believe about the curse...the Kingkah YooChun is his lover^^


Let`s us start the story about Black Cat Curse,shall we???

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Chapter 1: Spacing ... adjust it please >.< i'm getting confused hehe.. Its an interesting plot !! I wish you will continue it ^^
Chapter 1: waaah, im in this story.. though unnie hope you adjust the spacing, its making confuse, like i though jae was still talking but later on it was yunho so yeah, about the grammar im fine with it, only the spacing all the best unnie and can't wait for the continuation of this story of urs, hwaiting!!! ^-^
Chapter 1: it's an interesting plot and I'd love to find out more...i can tolerate the grammar since I can see that it's not your first language...but if only you could adjust the spacing and the paragraph? i was having a hard time to figure who's talking to who...
Thanks & Hwaiting~^^
Chapter 1: It's an interesting story but can you pls check your grammar and spelling? It hinders reading. Thank you and fighting.