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One stupid mistake and two people's life would never be the same again
Kris Wu just wanted to run from the reality
After that one sinful night, his life turned upside down
Choi Soojin just wanted to turn back the time
After that one sinful night, her future was doomed
romance | drama | marriage
Kris Wu | Choi Soojin | Park Chanyeol
Choi Soorin | Oh Sehun
Started: January 16, 2014
Ended: May 23, 2014



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plottwist, 2014

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Chapter 30: Thankyou for writing this beautiful story!
Chapter 1: I love this so much!!!!
JiJaeYong #4
Chapter 31: Totally amazing story and very interesting
Chapter 23: Every decision is like a trap. And the accident alone is the pandora box. Oh my, i feel the heartache everywhere, i really love the twist here and there. Even though i wish nothing like this will ever happen in my life so much. Such a good job what you do. Don't stop writing and try a lot of genre of writing!
quetipie #6
Chapter 30: lmao i hate the ending and it means u did a very good job as an author but srsly i dont like the twist for goodness sake i still hate soojin and kris
quetipie #7
Chapter 28: im happy for soorin and sehun but fxxx to those who encourages kris to marry soojin
quetipie #8
Chapter 17: i hate kris i hate soojin i hate both
good job!!
eksogirl99 #10
Chapter 32: UGH I love your story and hate it at the same time. I never distaste a story this much. Seriously I don't really care about Soojin's future or whatever because I'm so done with her drama. Anyway you did great!^^