Chapter 24

My Gangster

Chapter 24


Jung Ah and I sat down at a small table together since we didn't feel like eating with other classmates. It's not that we didn't want to eat with others. It's because we wanted a table to ourselves. So okay. Yeah. We didn't want to eat with others. Same difference. It just wasn't right sitting with our classmates just because we were on a "vacation" with our class. Everyone was enjoying their selves anyways and no one was complaining. I'm sure they were all getting excited at what was in store for us after dinner. Even I was a little excited. I couldn't wait to get out of here and do whatever we wanted.

My teacher made her way towards the front of the restaurant that we were eating at in the hotel, making everyone turn their heads towards her before she had even said anything. We were all anticipating on what she was going to say. Everyone started to quiet down as soon as she cleared . Okay. I know I said we were excited and all, but this was the first time that I've seen how quickly my classmates had quieted down just to hear what my teacher had to say. I'm sure it wasn't even going to be anything big. It looked like she had a lot of power over us, making us quiet down with little gestures. Hah. I wish it was always like this.

But coming to think of it, when bad things happened at school, our teachers had always ran off or never did anything to prevent it. I mean, I could just be guessing that, but it's true. How could no teacher not see that Se Hun was beating someone up? Or there was a crowd formed in the cafeteria? It was pretty obvious that something was happening, but there were never any teacher around. Ironic... I would say. I'm sure if we were back at school, no one would even care to listen to them. Wait... So why were people listening this time?

"Alright, here's what we'll do. You all are of age to go out and do whatever you'd like to do. We're not going to stop you from doing an activity without us because we, too, would like to go out and explore without you kids hanging behind us." My teacher suddenly chuckled. "That doesn't mean that you come back the next morning. You will all have to be back at a certain time and if not, you will not be able to join us on our next trip nor will you guys get freedom again when it comes to tomorrow's night activities." She looked at everyone and smiled. "Is that clear?"

Everyone howled in excitement.

"Be back by midnight and no later!" She yelled before everyone got up from their seats.

Jung Ah and I went back to our rooms first before we had left. We wanted to change our clothes into something warmer and comfier since our plan was to go shopping.



Jung Ah and I took a taxi and were about to head out to Shinsegae Department Store, but we had decided that we would just probably waste our money there. We ended up at BIFF to shop. There were so many things around us. We didn't know where to start. I was overwhelmed by how crowded it was at a time like this. This is why I loved the night life. I could live here, seeing how pretty it was at night and seeing all of these different things around me. I was so excited and happy.

Jung Ah and I lost each other after half an hour of looking at clothes and jewelry that were set out. I was going to call her, but I decided that we could have just gone our own ways. I didn't want to weigh her down and I'm sure she wouldn't want to feel the same way with me. I bought myself a bunch of cute shirts and cute items. I was just about to buy another item when I saw a food stand nearby. I don't know why, but I guess I was hungry so I went over and ordered whatever they had. I stood by and ate it slowly, savouring the Busan flavor.

Ah, I loved being a tourist. It was always nice experiencing these kinds of things. Many people were staring at me as well. They must have thought I was weird or something because I was acting like I have never been here before. Well, I haven't been to this place before and it's amazing. I wanted to stay here forever. I bought myself another snack before deciding to walk down the street more and look at more things to buy. I was glad I had enough money with me... I was sure that I was going to buy the whole area soon.

"Miss, you should come try our new juices that we're planning to sell!" An ahjusshi waved me over. I didn't want to try, but out of my kindness, I walked over with a smile. He handed me a cup of juice and smelled it before sipping it. "It's a new juice that we're planning to sell, but we're giving our free samples."

The juice tasted amazing. It was sweet, but it was kind of bitter. "Ahjusshi, what's in here?"

"I can't tell you what juice is in there, but here, have another one. There's plenty to go around!" He winked at me.

"Mmm..." My eyes widened. "Waaah, Ahjusshi, this is so refreshing!" 

"I'm glad you liked it. We're planning to sell it in the markets soon." The ahjusshi bent down and picked something up from the ground before getting back up and handing me a big glass bottle of the drink. "Here, miss, take this with you... As a gift."

I took the gift and looked at it. "Ahjusshi, I don't think I can take this..."

"No, you can. This is a gift for trying out our drink." His smile was adorable. I couldn't help but smile with him. "Miss, drink it well and share it with others."

"Ahjusshi, you're so kind." I bowed and thanked him happily. "Thank you so much."

"No, don't thank me, Miss. Thank you for trying it out." He nodded his head at me. "Drink it well."

I bowed at the ahjusshi one more time before heading out of the area. I walked farther into the shopping area and looked around at my surroundings. I've already spent money on a few items and food. There were more things to look at, but I decided to take a few sips of the drink I was holding because it was irresistable. After awhile of looking around, I was getting dizzy. My head felt like it was spinning, not in a bad way. It's not like my head was hurting, but it felt like... I was... Drunk. Drunk?! I stopped walking for a second and looked at the glass bottle I was holding. I tried to look for the description of the bottle by turning it around. When I finally found the description, I read the fine print and rolled my eyes. I just drank alcohol. Did this ahjusshi think I was of age?

See. Here's the thing. I don't drink alcohol. Why? Because my tolerance for alcohol was terrible. I only had two small cups of the drink and here I am, already drunk. I'm sure I was drunk because everything around me started to spin slowly. Goodness. I had to get out of here before anything happens to me. I guess this was a good time to meet up with Jung Ah. I turned back around and passed by people, still holding the bottle. I don't know why, but I didn't want to give away the bottle. It actually tasted really good so I couldn't just waste it.

I got out of the area and bent down towards my knees. I set the bottle beside and tried to take deep breaths to cool my system. My head was already spinning and I felt like the world around me was turning in circles. I held my head in my hands and took a deep breath. I didn't know why, but I started to feel tired. My eyes were drooping and my head felt heavier than usual. I pulled my phone out from my pocket and tried to call Jung Ah, but she didn't pick up any of my calls. I was going to text her, but I could barely see what I was writing. I gave up. I wasn't feeling good about this.

"Miss, are you alright? You shouldn't be sitting out in the middle of the street like this." I looked up to see an ahjusshi who was at least in his mid twenties. He was quite handsome, or maybe it was because of the alcohol in my system. "Did you need help?" He asked after seeing that I didn't even reply to him. He held his hand out to me, but I didn't take it. He was a stranger. Who knows what he wanted from me.

I finally forced myself to stand up. I almost lost my balance, but the ahjusshi grabbed onto me and helped me. I stared at him, trying to see his face, but their face was blur. This stranger was staring at me, as if he was waiting for me to say something, but I didn't.

"Miss, what's wrong?" His voice didn't even sound concern at all. He sounded like he was pretending to care and he was very mischevious about it. He grabbed onto my arm and pulled my body towards him. I pushed him and I almost fell, but he caught me by holding the small of my back. He postured me up and both of his arms wrapped around my body.

I guess it really was a bad idea to leave Jung Ah by herself. I hope she was okay because I obviously wasn't.

"Miss, are you alright? Should I take you home?" I pushed his face away as forcefully as I could, but he grabbed my hand and held it tightly on my back, not letting me move. He was already lucky that I was feeling this way and was weak. "Miss, should we have a little fun tonight?"

"Let go of me..." I groaned. Damn. I sounded really drunk. Instead of trying to push him away, I decided to play with my dead weight. I tried to fall, but his grip around my body was so tight. There was no way I was going to get away from this guy. "Ahjusshi... Let me go..."

"Waaaah, miss, you're pretty..." He leaned towards my ears. "And you smell amazing... And your body looks wonderful..." He must have been looking down at my body because his face wasn't near mine anymore. "You must have a boyfriend... It's too bad he's not here... It's okay... I'll have you to myself..."

"Get off my girlfriend!" I heard someone yell from behind me.

I felt the stranger's hot breath on my neck pull away. Just as his lips were about to brush my skin, I felt his arm slip off of me, making me fall hard onto the ground. I fell onto my side, my bad arm hitting the cement ground roughly. God, whoever that was, was lucky because I was feeling dizzy and didn't care about the pain right now. I turned my body around so I was now laying on my back and I was look up at the dark sky. My vision was still blurry, but when I turned my face, I saw some blonde headed guy beating up the guy who was holding onto me earlier.

"Se Hun?" I said quietly.

"Didn't people teach you manners?" I heard Se Hun say before punching the guy across the face forcefully, making the guy fall down onto the ground. "Who said you can go and touch my girlfriend like that, you sick bastard?!"

"Maybe if you watched your girlfriend better, she wouldn't be here right now!" The man yell, causing him to get a kick across the face, making his nose break. I heard the crack and managed to laugh while I was still on the ground.

"es like you think it's easy to keep watch on someone?" Se Hun kicked the guy in the stomach hard. "Touch her one more time and you won't see tomorrow!"

I turned my head around after seeing Se Hun beat up on the guy. I could hear him grunt and yelp in pain, but it didn't bother me. It was as if I was used to this sound, which isn't normal, but I knew that sound meant that I was going to be safe. Weird, I know, but it's happened so many times to me. Just as I closed my eyes, I felt a pair of hands pull me up to my feet. I opened my eyes and saw Se Hun staring at me. His face was blurry, but I managed to make his face out to be his. I smiled even though I probably looked stupid as hell.

"Damn it, Soo Jin, what the hell is wrong with you?!" He screamed in my face, causing me to flinch even if I felt dizzy as hell.

"I... I can't see you..." My head was bobbing back and forth.

"Are you drunk?" He asked me as he swooped me up into his arms.

"What are you doing?" I asked as his scent lingered into my nose. Damn, he smelled amazing even if I was going through this crap right now.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Soo Jin?" I'm sure Se Hun was rolling his eyes right now.

"Where are you taking me?" I tried to move out of his arms, but he tightened them, making me feel like I was stuck. "Yah!"

"Shut up!" He groaned. "If you talk one more time, I'm going to throw you in the water."

I didn't know if he was serious or not, but I decided not to say anymore because he had total power of me. Even though I felt at ease, this whole thing with me not being able to see was going to make me become crazy. The fact that it was dark out and I couldn't even see Se Hun right was annoying and I felt like tearing my eyes out of my sockets. Why was he so angry? I should be the one who's angry. Stupid gangster kid only thinking about himself... Okay. I lied. He just saved me... Again... Man, I really need to repay this guy back. But how many times? Ah, who cares. I'm sure Jung Ah knows... For now... I'll... Just... Try to keep looking at the stupid gangster's face.

"Stop it." He hissed as he walked to somewhere quiet.

"Stop what?!" I yelled frustratedly. "Stupid gangster kid."

"What'd you say?!" He stopped walking and I could tell he was staring down at me now. I pinched his cheeks and started laughing. "You're going to get it when you sober up!"

Se Hun started to walk again. Wherever we were, I knew it was some place quiet and that there was no one around. He set me down and sat down beside me. I was trying to sit up straight, but I ended up falling over onto Se Hun's lap. He didn't budge or try to push me off. I looked up and stared at him. My vision of his face was getting clearer. I realized that I could see his face now. He was glaring at me, but I found myself smiling and my eyes had decided to close by themselves.

"Idiot..." He shook his head and looked ahead of himself. "What am I going to do with you?"




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