Babird's Dignity


A fic inspired by Shinhwa's 'The Birds' and the Kdrama 'A Gentleman's Dignity'.


John Jean, a.k.a Babird, the only son of Lemon Syung, a.k.a Mabird, ran away from home to find his biological father. So who is the real Pabird? Would John Jean find him? And then what?

Hi! Finally I updated after 2 milenia... kekeke... Sorry to have kept you waiting for too long. Here's a short update. Enjoy! ^_^


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Chapter 5: Go go go Jonh Jean!!!! fighting!!
Chapter 5: Woaaahhhh! John Jean fighting!!!
Chapter 2: omg i luv this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Chapter 4: John Jean, come on! Found your biological dad! XD
Why that young man is so cute? I can imagine how he is pouting XDD
Update soon please! >.<
hyuu_hikari #5
Chapter 4: seriously O_____O? the only picture that could be kept is that pict??
but the mommy bird-baby bird convo is cute OwO
good luck on planning your quest baby!!
feelgyo #6
Chapter 3: omg, I'm lol-ing too hard looking that pic! XDD
compilation of angry bird and baby bird picture is really hilarious XDD
and John Jean is a cute boy. Ahhh, thank you so much authornim for your story ^^
Chapter 3: AAAA this is too cute!!
im crying i cant stop looking at the angry bird photo
Chapter 1: /spits
"John Jean" ?!
its too perfect
Chapter 3: "angwee buud". hahahahahahahaha.
so,who is John Jean's father? we have to know! XD