If I fall in love with you



Heechul works for one of the biggest company in Korea and hemessed up the company's biggest deal. He felt that his life ended after that, just then, his heart suddenly yearned for a companion. He then met an angel, an angel that turned his life upside down. But why is it that when he is at his happiest. . .the angel suddenly disappeared. . ,




Title: If I fall in love with you

# of chapters: ??

Author: chulchulkimheechul

Pairing: teukchul / heeteuk

ands: Super Junior

Rating: G

Warning: character of death

Disclaimer: I do not own most if the characters but the story is all mine.

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Chapter 12: what? O.O why?
Please doen delete this story...
aigoo...I almost cried >___> loved it so much!
This story is just so amazing and heart warming!!! I cried! Literally!! I just don't have words to describe how much i love this story!!
LiaSun #5
i don't know what i can tell you about this. It's... wow. idk. I will just continue the other part because i love that. As it is sad and horrible but... i like. i like very.
;( So beautiful. An amazing story that made my hear melt. It really hirt when Teukie died. Like someone squezed my hear really hard ;( I really really liked the story
believe #7
oh it's finished~<br />
it was sad, in the end teukie was dead :'(<br />
but but... you write a sequel!<br />
Yeay! Honestly I already read it, but I wanted to comment in this story first.<br />
Btw, great story :D
[deactivated] #8
waah now i'm curious is hechul now dead?
chinggoy #9
I read this in one Go.Haha! It's so sad. sequel please. ^^<br />
you're a good writer