Oppa's Little Girl


So? Kim Junsu of 2PM has a little sister?!

The rest of 2PM are very surprised to hear about it.

Even more surprised when they find out she's going to move in with them!
What happens when one innocent 19-year-old moves in with these group of crazy men?

Whatever happens, chaos is surely garaunteed to be one of them!


Dear Oppa,

How are you? We haven't been keeping in touch for a while.

Makes me sad TT^TT

There's good news!!!
I'm going to live with you soon!

My flight is going to arrive in Icheon Airport tomorrow at 2PM.

Heheheh. .funny how the time is the name of your group.

Can't wait to see you~!



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Jazmin8Sarina #1
Chapter 69: I love it but second to last chapter I kind of don't understand how that two connects each other.
Chapter 20: Omo, I'm currently rereading this story, and I would love to read the fic that Junho wrote, ehehehe ;) Please come back soon author-nim!
iloveftisland #3
This is so cute! I love it!
saykay #4
Chapter 8: Reminds me of infinite's you are my oppa ^^ but I like it so far, so cute and funny! And I love how you have jay in here too~
Chapter 8: I really like how you have Jaebom in here too. Makes me miss him even more. But I'm liking it so far!!! >.<
iuwooyoung #6
Chapter 7: this is getting interesting
Acgoo1999 #7
Chapter 56: What's PDA by the way?
Chapter 69: i just finished reading this story…
the ending it makes me confused…
did she say 'yes' to the both of them???
Safira #9
Chapter 69: So did kyungmi married 2 guys or what? I dont really understand it
Chapter 69: That was so good ! But I like Nickhun's ending better <3