Mixed Feelings

"Hyung, you're not going out?" Sehun asked Luhan, laying on top of Chanyeol's lap. Chanyeol was sleeping with his head on Baekhyun's shoulder who was watching television.

"No. Where would I go?" Luhan asked back.

"I don't know. Probably walking at the park like you always do at this hour?"

"Not in the mood to walk around town. I'd rather just stay here with guys." Luhan answered then chuckled.

Sehun sat up and stared at Luhan. Luhan turned his head to Sehun and his heart was beating fast. "W-What? Is there s-something on my face?" Luhan blushed.

Sehun got closer and his face was just inches away. Luhan felt his heart was about to pop out from his chest. "Hyung, are you really okay?" Sehun asked.

"W-What? Of course I am. Why?"

"Because you said you'd rather stay here with us. That's totally not you"

"What? Can't your hyung hangout with you guys?"

Sehun backed away and Luhan was relieved since he needed air from all the tense. Sehun then went to the kitchen to look for food. He felt someone eyeing him. "Why are you following me, hyung? I could see you there."

"Oh.. Nothing. I want to look for food." Then Luhan opened the cabinet and searched for food with Sehun.

"Kyungsoo hyung.. I think I want to tell Luhan hyung my feelings" Sehun looked down on the floor. Sehun, Kyungsoo, Chen, Kai, and Xiumin was in the living room watching television and the others were asleep.

"Then tell him" Kyungsoo simply said.

"It's not as easy as you say, hyung"

"Why don't you try it slowly" Xiumin said

"No. No. No. That won't do. Sehunnie, I think you should just tell him. I know he'd understands." Chen concluded.

"What if he rejects me? I don't even know if he likes guys"

"He's not the type that rejects people." Kai said, resting his head on Kyungsoo's lap. Sehun thought for awhile and thought of a decision.


"Don't disturb my sleep again, Hunnie" Luhan grunts and turned to his side.

"But hyung~" Sehun whined, shaking Luhan's body to get his attention.

"WhaaaAAATTTT???!!!!" Luhan was pissed since Sehun always disturbs his sleep.

Sehun was startled and he froze at his place. His face obviously showed dissapointment. "Nevermind." Then Sehun left Luhan's room, closing the door behind him. 

Luhan felt guilty and ruffled his hair roughly, regretting for being too harsh with the maknae. Luhan got up from his bed and went out of the room, wanting to look for Sehun to apologise.

Sehun was in his own room, locking himself. Luhan knocked the door a couple of times but Sehun didn't budge. Luhan decided to wait until Sehun went out of the room but ended up waiting until the next day.

Sehun went out of his room wanting to take a shower. There were no sign of Luhan so he quickly went to bathe. Coming out of the bathroom, Luhan waited in front of the door. Luhan gulped seeing Sehun's fair skin with just a towel wrapped around his waist. "Sehun, look-"

Luhan didn't managed to finish his sentence because Sehun just passed by him leaving Luhan dumbfounded.

Sehun went back to his room but didn't get the chance to lock the door since Luhan held the door and Sehun just let him in. Sehun was looking for his clothes and Luhan spoke again, "I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to yell at you yesterday."

Sehun just kept quiet. After putting on his clothes, he went out of the room, making Luhan think that he didn't even exist there.

"Hyung, I'm hungry" Sehun said to Kyungsoo.

"I'm still cooking. Food will be served soon." Kyungsoo replied him and Sehun sat at the table waiting for food to be serve. He played with his phone or awhile until Luhan sat beside him.

"So you're ignoring me?" Luhan asked. Kyungsoo knew what was happening so he didn't ask what's wrong. Sehun was still focused on his phone and when Chanyeol and Baekhyun came in the kitchen, Sehun left his focus on his phone and to Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

"Oh hyung, sit down. Kyungsoo hyung will be done soon." Sehun said and continued playing with his phone.

Luhan was frustrated. "Sehun, please." Luhan pleaded and he landed one palm on Sehun's thigh accidentally. That sent shivers down Sehun's spine but he controlled his composure and stay quiet.

"What's with you two?" Chen asked, walking with Xiumin.

"I accidentally yelled at him yesterday and this is what I get. Silent treatment" Luhan growled and Sehun didn't care.

After they ate their meal, Sehun washed his plate and went back to his room. Luhan was done with his food too and nstead of going to his own room like he always do, he went to Sehun's. "I think I know what Sehun's doing. Torturing. Then he strikes." Chen said to the others with a chuckle after Luhan left.

"Sehun ahh, don't do this." Luhan sat on Sehun's bed. Sehun rolled his eyes and got up. Luhan was fed up with Sehun's attitude and he pinned Sehun to the wall. "Just ing stop this." Luhan cursed. Sehun liked how Luhan cursed. He looks hot. Sehun looked on the ground but grinned when he looked up to Luhan.

"Do what?" Sehun asked.

"Ignoring me."

"Why are you like this? Just because I yelled at you?"

"Yes. Because that time, I ing tried to confess to you." Sehun huffed but didn't made eye contact with Luhan. Luhan's mouth was agape. He didn't believe what he was hearing. "I don't care anymore if you don't like me back. I love you, okay? I'm gay. There. I've said it. Now let me go."

Luhan then pressed his lips on Sehun's and Sehun's eyes widened at the sudden contact. He didn't expect this to happen. What's going on? Is this real?

Luhan broke the kiss and he stared in Sehun's eyes, "I love you too, you fool. That's why I didn't care when Yoon Hye had a boyfriend." Sehun was dumbfounded. Luhan pulled in for another kiss and this time, it was far more passionate. Then something dropped on the floor. Both of them broke the kiss and was panting. They looked ta the ground and Luhan reached for the ring. "This was supposed to be Yoon Hye's but since both of you have the same size... Will you be mine?" Luhan confessed.

Sehun was overjoyed and immediately hugged Luhan as a yes and kissed Luhan again.

"I see a ring there. Are you guys-" Kris said.

"Yeap. He's mine." Luhan smiled.

"Finally!" Chen shouted.

"So... The noises I- no We heard from inside that room. Did you guys... Oh my God!" Tao exclaimed.

Sehun blushes and hid his face on Luhan's shoulder. "Anyways, congrats to both of you!" Suho said, one arm around Lay's waist.

Luhan smiled and looked at the blushing boy beside him. He kissed Sehun's right cheek and wrapped his arm around Sehun's waist. So all this time I've been chasing her, it should've been him.



THE END! Yeayyyyy! Sorry for the late update since I've been busy updating my KaiSoo fic. VERY VERY VERY SORRY T^T So hope this last chapter is okay :) See you guys next time! Annyeong! 

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dear readers, i'm so sorry but i changed my plot. soo if i changed the story into mixed feelings, is it okay for you guys? i'm really sorry though :(

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when i was reading some of loyalberries stories,i saw that she mentioned you in it so i decided to check on you and btw update soon ^^
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Chapter 8: Awww. Sehunie was a bottom right?
Chapter 1: Haha, I pity sehun the first xD
Chapter 1: so what's the specific genre for this fic? There's nothing wrong. I don't know if its my eye or not, but I see some typos ^^ <3
good luck
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I'm interested :)