Just Like This


Kim Taeyeon prefers to be behind the camera lens, whereas Tiffany Hwang boldly desires being the focal point. And it makes sense, since Taeyeon is an in-demand photographer and Tiffany is a model with a promising career ahead of her. This is a story about how they ultimately got to know each other and realize their true, mutual feelings for one another... instantaneous dislike and animosity. Or so they thought? TaeNy. 



It may have been the most quiescent and placid New Years Eve celebration both Tiffany and Taeyeon had experienced in a while. Maybe ever.

There were no mandatory high-profile parties to attend, no hectic or sudden work schedules, no rambunctious noise-making. It was merely the two of them beneath the sheets in their bedroom waiting for midnight, and the indomitable urge to stay in bed. Nothing but the dim light of Taeyeon's bedside lamp, and the city's glow illuminated the room. 

Feeling a bit more intimate than usual, Tiffany decided to get closer to Taeyeon. 

"Taeyeon-ah?" Tiffany almost cooed, her lips just slightly brushing against Taeyeon's bare shoulder. She wrapped her arms around the smaller woman's waist and facilely positioned her head on the crook of Taeyeon's neck. She then sighed with nothing but pure content. Perfect fit, just like this. 

That was the great thing about the two of them; they were already in very close proximity, yet Tiffany needed to be just a little bit closer to Taeyeon. Her hot breath and Taeyeon's name on her lips were sufficient to send shivers down Taeyeon's back, much to Tiffany's satisfaction. 

Moments like this made it nearly impossible to believe that it wasn't like this at first. Not even remotely close. 

"Mm?" Taeyeon shifted to her side to face Tiffany, who, of course, had to look just as dazzling in the dark as she did when the lights were hitting her perfectly. She could never quite get used to her lover's allurement, and she was convinced that she never will. Taeyeon was always in awe, always enticed by Tiffany Hwang. 

"What are the odds?" Tiffany replied with yet another question, pressing one more soft kiss on Taeyeon, this time on her neck. Taeyeon somehow heard Tiffany smiling through her words. Still baffled, she bit her lower lip in thought. 

"What do you mean, Fany?" Taeyeon asked, gazing at Tiffany's contemplative eyes. Those brown eyes always have a story to tell. I wonder what it is this time?

"What are the odds that you and I would have ended up like this?" Tiffany was now softly laughing, clearly amused at the irony of her and Taeyeon's relationship. Taeyeon was starting to understand where Tiffany was going, and she couldn't help but laugh a little, too.

"It's funny isn't it? Who would have ever thought that it'd be you and me in the end, Fany-ah," Taeyeon exhaled contentedly, the smile not daring to leave her lips. 

"'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb,'" Tiffany mimicked one of her favorite literary characters, quoting her favorite line, to which Taeyeon responded with an eye roll and her trademark ahjumma giggles.

"More like, 'and so the pretentious photographer fell in love with the stuck up model'" Taeyeon chuckled. Tiffany arched an eyebrow and hit Taeyeon on the arm, pouting at her remark. Tiffany started to playfully move away from her, feigning hurt feelings.

Way too cute, Taeyeon thought as she pulled Tiffany back to her previous position, not allowing her to get too far away for her liking. 

"Hey, better watch it, Kim Taeyeon," Tiffany warned, poking Taeyeon on her sternum. Taeyeon only laughed, knowing she didn't mean any of it. 

Soon, the comfortable silence found them and embraced them again. Neither of them were sure of how much time had passed since the last person had spoken, but that was okay. They liked speaking without words. 

"What do you really think though, Taetae? About us?" Tiffany finally broke the silence. "Did you ever think it would turn out like this?" The tone of her voice changed, as well. It was more serious than last time. Not only did it grow softer, gentler... Taeyeon also detected a bit of uncertainty in her lover's voice, but chose to dismiss it. Instead, she drew tiny shapes on Tiffany's skin, deep in thought. 

After a while, Taeyeon ceased tracing circles on Tiffany's skin and took the time to really gaze at Tiffany, trying to read through the lines and decipher what brought on these sudden questions from her girlfriend. Taeyeon was then silent for a moment, pensive. If Tiffany didn't know her well enough, she would take Taeyeon's lack of an answer as something else. 

Eventually, Taeyeon caressed Tiffany's cheek just before leaning down to kiss her chastely, taking Tiffany's plump lips with her own. When she pulled away, she could have sworn that Tiffany was blushing. 

"No, I didn't think so. Not at first," Taeyeon said, brushing stray locks away from Tiffany's face and tucking them behind her ear. "But I'm glad it did. I'm glad it turned out like this." 

Hello hello! This is my first fic here, I'm mochibubbles ^^ Happy new years to everyone, by the way. What better way to kick off the year than with some fluff? lol 

I hope you guys will enjoy this story as much as I like putting it together, I look forward to going on this tiny journey with you all :) Please leave me some comments and subscribe if you'd like!

i don't know if you guys read this but i'll be going on a hiatus until midterms are over ^^ gotta get them a's haha


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Chapter 5: Hallo author,, ita been a long time until i decided to start reread this again from the start hehe :))
How are you doing author? Where are you? I hope someday you will make a comeback with update! Hahah^^
Anyway, this story are too good to be hanging just in this chap..
Have a nice day to you! :D
Chapter 5: Annyeong author :))
Im your new reader here hehe...
I should say that your strmory is good... no no i mean Great! I got so much happy and enjoy + laugh reading your story hahaha :D
Nice moment for taeny... smooth and step by step...
This will be a nice and awesome story^^

Hope you have a nice day author ^o^
Icylips #3
New reader here and oh gawd this is awesome ^_^ I read all your chapters in one go and thumps up for your story line, characters and way of writing :) I like a long process instead of a quick one, so I like that u don't rush Taeny too much. Can't wait for next chapter. fighting!
hwangfanny #4
Chapter 5: hi new here..wow ur story is great..i just start to read the first chap til the latest one..and thank u for using a dffcult word..haha i learn a new word that i can use this days...ahaha...thank u for updating.. :-)
wheenie #5
Chapter 5: Oh gahd, why have I only discovered this precious piece just now? It's so wonderful. I only had to read the first line of the foreword to conclude that this fic was going to be amazing. Immediately subscribed right then.

I had so much fun reading this (cute and bashful Taeny ftw). This other reason is kinda uncommon and may sound weird, but it's actually quite educational as well. The vocabulary for this fic is spectacular. I had to Google search the definition of most of the words you used, but I didn't mind, not at all. I love learning new big words. I now have a wider range of vocabulary for my English writing.

This fic is 200% absolute amazeballs. :D
bluebearies #6
omg hi! an update FINALLY~~~~~ sorry for the caps, i'm just too excited. hahahahhaha!!! glad to know you are back to writing, don't you dare leave this fic without a proper ending chapter, /shoots you icy glares/ hahhahaha!!! well, thank you :)
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Chapter 5: Omg i love your story <3 while reading i got goosebumps all over my body *.* keep up with the good work author shi!!!!
Chapter 5: Where have you been?? Lol I've missed you and your updates! I hope everything between Taeyeon and Tiffany would only go uphill from here, of course with a little drama, but I do hope Taeyeon opens up more.
dollythesheep #9
Chapter 5: holyyyyy shiiiiittttttttt u finallyy updated!! huhuhuhu TT_TT is it because it's tiffany's bday?? pls dont take too long to update this author-shiii. i really really reallyy love this story and all those times u were MIA i was so freaking desperately waiting.. thank uuuu
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Gosh, I love this fic. update please~~