Our Little Promise in Our, [Secret Base]

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This is a story… about two best friends…

They always with each other… 4 years long they know each other…

But one day one of them must leave and permanently live in Paris, France...

They Make a Promise…

Ten Years later in August… they will meet again…

In their… Secret Base


Nothing that I can do to stop you from leaving,,,

I promise Yoong, I will write! I will call you!! So… don’t forget about me…

We’ll meet again right… In our, secret base…



Yes we promise!

You’re going to call?

It’s expensive babo!

I’ll wait for your letters




Hello! Hahahaha…. Another story from me…

This is actually the first time I tried other Pairing other than Soosica… hehehe…

Well I ship Soosica , Taeny and Yoonyul XD

Since I already make Soosica and Taeny fic [I mean they are the main pairing hehe]

I’ll try YoonYul this time

I don’t know how I should make this story as some of you know that I kind of fond with umm sad ending and stuff… I’m confused on how this will be… so I decided to just go with the Flow ahahahahahaha….  Oh yes… most of the story will be fill with letter and flash back XP

I kind of new to this style of writing… hehehehehe…

This story is based on Zone’s secret base~君がくれたもの~


OKAY!! after writing 7 chapters I think I know how this fic will be XD 

This turn out to be something silly weird and insane XD  I personally shocked how it turn out XD the character.... Insane XD  but I love it XD I enjoyed writing it so far.... I hope you enjoy it too XD maybe there will be some drama in the future but still this is an easy to read story type.... XD ahahahaha.....


AND click NEXT for you new readers XD

I'll start writing again next week since I'm still busy finishing my second semester

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Mamengurl #1
Chapter 26: Please update the story
Sootuff #2
Chapter 26: Hehe Sooyoung comforting Sica.
But her dolphin screams lol!
Sweet YoonYul and TaeNy:)
Chapter 25: Er.. New reader but your story is really interesting soo... I truly THINK YOU SHOULD UPDATE^^
Dang TaeNy...made Maknae have to use her earbuds!!
Soo...what are yo uplanning here?!?!
Lol @ TaeNy sounds
Why do I sense some SooSun here?
hai!! ur back!!
why cant they use their original pairing?? O_o
Sootuff #7
Yay, you're back!!
Lol Sica!!! Taeny was busted!!
Gah why can't they go with original partners?!!!
Sooyoung, what're you planning?!!!
EMT0304 #8
Hahaha, Taeyeon so cute ^^
yul..... she got tricked by the dork. hahahaha
yoonyul so sweet~
Lol, got tricked by byuntae!