Let Loose


Dongwan needs a break.

He needs a break from his job, from the long hours, the cramped, stuffy cubicles, the white glare of computer screens, the shrill ringing of telephones, his ungrateful piece-of- boss, from everything. He would’ve quit within a few months if the pay wasn’t so damn good.


So what does he do?

Hop on the next plane to Hawaii, of course.


This will be my first fanfiction everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I'm a very slow writer I think, because I really don't have any talent and need to think over my words for a looong time before I decide what to write. I've been thinking over different plots (and pairings) for a few months now, and I just decided to go with something cliche, cause I think that's easier. I only decided to put this up to motivate myself into really writing and not just scrapping what I have whenever I lose inspiration. I might take this down if I really lose it though, and that's a very real possibility!


It would be so awesome if you subscribed! Even if it's just one person, I'd be so freaking happy, probably post even quicker (quicker, not quickly cause I am actually super slow) because of the extra motivation. I don't know if it's going to be chaptered or a one-shot, but if it was chaptered it would only be about 3 chapters anyway.


Once I do post though, I hope you'll be happy with it!




Wow thank you so much all of you who have subscribed and commented already! I'll try my hardest to finish it soon! :))))


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Chapter 1: omg LOL "going 2 hawaii 4 a month lolz c u l8r" i cracked up at that part :)
29548E #2
Cheers to another budding authors here :)
ThebabyELF #3
This seems nice, I'll be waiting for you to update it ^^
tmoneyhoney #4
Looks good. I'm excited for some Wandy. :)
Looking forward to it~~~♥♥♥