Please Forgive Me Mom!

The Masked Knight (Hiatus)


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*At the house of Gdragon*


Gdragon: I'm home. 

Hyunbin: What took you so long? 

Gdragon: I had to work overtime because the manager of the restaurant was absent.

Hyunbin: Why? Was he sent to the hospital because of you?

Gdragon: What's that suppose to mean?

Hyunbin: Nothing, I just wanted to remind you that you have sent so many people to the hospital including mom. What? Are you mad at me? You must accept it because you're the reason why mom died. If it wasn't for you she wouldn't have died. At least you should know your responsibility.

Gdragon: I'm sorry.

Hyunbin: SORRY!?! Your apology is not going to bring her back. (Grabbing his shirt tight then letting go) Just cook me a dinner. Dad's coming home late. Oh and, you ARE coming to the victory party of our school, NO BUTS!

Gdragon: Why should I? I still have to work tomorrow morning. I have to rest.

Hyunbin: I don't care. I want you to apologize to Sejoon.

Gdragon: Why do I have to apologize to him?

Hyunbin: You think I don't know about your fight with him few days ago. I thought I told don't ever cause a ruckus with anybody there. And to top it all off you had Dara there to help you. Because of that Sejoon is more furious with you. Imagine THE PARK SANDARA helped you. Thank goodness that nobody was watching. So you must apologize to him immediately. In fact you should have thanked him for not telling you to the principal. If he did you would have been expelled.

Gdragon: I understand.

Hyunbin: GOOD! Now cook me some dinner before you go to the party.

Gdragon: What about you? Aren't you going to the party tonight?

Hyunbin: No I want to rest for the night. Remember what I told you; don't ever cause a ruckus at the party. Here (Handing Gdragon a money) get yourself some nice clothes for the party. I don't want them to think that my own brother can't afford himself a suit. It's going to be a masquerade party so get yourself a mask too.

Gdragon: Thanks.


You guys never disappoint me. I thought I wouldn't hear anything from you but I guess that's impossible. Mom I'm sorry I know you want me to be strong and not blame myself for your death but even I know that that's impossible because even I know that I'm the reason why you died. I hope you can forgive me.

Flashback - The death of Gdragon's mother 10 years ago


It is a good day for a picnic. Hyunbin at the back of the car fighting with Gdragon about who loves their mom most. They were still a kid then very childish.

Hyunbin: I love mom!

Gdragon: I love her more!

Hyunbin: I love her more!

Gdragon: NO! I love her more!

Mom: Kids stop it! I love you guys too. 

Father: What about me? I love you the more than they love you! (Teasing the kids)

Mom: Okay! I love you too. (Kissing his husband on the cheek)

Gdragon: Mom kissed Dad! Blecchh!

Hyunbin: Yeah! BLECCCHHH!

Father: We have arrived. Let's go kids.

Hyunbin: Gdragon that's too heavy let me carry that. You're still a kid.

Gdragon: You are too! I want to help you guys carry!

Mom: How about this? We let them carry those heavy things then we prepare all the foods.

Gdragon: Okay mom!

Hyunbin: Hey mom, can I help too.

Gdragon: NO! Because you guys are strong so you'll just have to bring those things and mom and I will prepare the foods. You know you're not good in cooking.

Hyunbin: I am too!

Mom: Stop that. It is fun to see guys like that but not when you're older okay. Hyunbin I want you to take care of your brother. You're the eldest you should take care of him. My 3 boys are growing up!

Gdragon: You have another son!

Hyunbin: No! She meant Dad is the other boy! Right mom!

Mom: You're right! Dad is still growing up!

Father: Hey! I'm a grown up too! I'm no longer a kid like them! Wait we forgot something.

Mom: What?

Father: Gdragon's special possession. (Whispering to her) 

Mom: You mean THAT!

Father: Yup! Should I go back and get it?

Mom: No I don't think he knows that he doesn't have THAT.

Gdragon: Mom, where is IT?

Mom: What IT?

Gdragon: You know the one you guys gave me for my birthday. I don't want to lose it.

Mom: You won't lose it. It's just in the house to rest. 

Gdragon: (Started crying) WHYYYYYY? I want it now!

Mom: Okay mommy will go back and get it. Stop crying. (Gdragon stops)

Father: Shouldn’t I be the one to get it?

Mom: No you guys stay here besides you don't know where it is and I have something that I forgot. We're not far away from the house anyway.

Gdragon: I'll come with you!

Mom: But you have to prepare our foods.

Gdragon: Dad will do it. I want to come with you! (Started crying again)

Mom: Okay, stop crying now. You guys prepare the food. Our little dragon wants to come with mommy.

Hyunbin: Okay mom!

Mom: Let's go!


On their way back to the house Gdragon is playing with his mother which is driving.

Gdragon: Mom let's play hide and seek.

Mom: We are inside a car. We can't play hide and seek.

Gdragon: It's easy I'll show you. (Gdragon puts his hand and closed the eyes of her mother)

Mom: Ji Yong stop that! Remove your hands off.

Gdragon: No this is how you play!

Mom: I can't see. (Trying to remove Gdragon's hands while driving) I'm driving!


That's when the car accident happens. Gdragon was able to make it but his mom wasn't because she protected him with her life.

Gdragon: Mom? Are you okay? Mommy!?!

Mom: I'm fine.

Gdragon: I'm sorry! This is my entire fault.

Mom: No, it is not. Don't blame yourself.

Gdragon: But mom where are you going? Don't leave me here. Mommy! (Gdragon wakes up) MOM!

Father: Ji Yong, you're awake.

Gdragon: Dad, what happened?

Hyunbin: It’s all your fault!

Father: Hyunbin! 

Hyunbin: What! It's his fault that mom died! If it wasn't for you she would still be here. Why can't you just forget about that THING! 

Gdragon: What are you talking about? Where is Mom? Where is she? She's not dead. You're lying! (Crying)

Father: Ji Yong, stop it! She's dead. (Looking at Gdragon) Stop crying, she won't be back even if you cry for years. (Look away) I'll be right back.

Gdragon: Hyung!

Hyunbin: I can't face you. I'll get some fresh air.

Gdragon: MOM! 


After that the family that was so joyful grows apart from each other. Gdragon's father wasn't able to forgive so most of the time he works overtime to just stay away from him. He can't face Gdragon because it always reminds him of the death of his wife so whenever Gdragon talks to him. He never gets the chance to not be mad at Gdragon. 

End of Flashback - The death of Gdragon's mother 10 years ago


Gdragon visited his mom before getting ready for the party (At the cemetery)


I'm sorry mom for killing you. I hope you can forgive me. Don't worry I will take care of them. I promise to take care of Dad and Hyunbin. I will always love them. Please do forgive me.

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