Love is love.

After all this time

A/N : since Tiffany doesnt know the name of the pilot (which is actually TAECYEON btw), let's just refer to him as "Pilot Man", since Fany only knows him as a pilot.



*Ding dong*

Taeyeon grumbled and went to the door again. "WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT?" She yelled for the very last time. The man, Kyuhyun only laughed.

"You didn't arrive at set today."

"What?" Taeyeon said confused.

"The movie you're acting in?" Kyuhyun said again.

"The director, my friend, is in Florida. She won't be able to direct it for a while, so i guess i have a vacation."

"No.. you don't. I'm taking over for a week while Tiffany is gone." He smiled. "Here's your new line. Memorise it, tomorrow we'll be having table reading." without waiting for Taeyeon's reply, he walked away towards his parked car and drove off. Taeyeon rushed to her bedroom and started reading the lines. Sunny's doing so good with the scripts! Taeyeon thought.


"Here we are." Nichkhun parked the car and her helped Tiffany with her large pink luggage. Tiffany scanned the surroundings. It was a quiet area of a suburb city, and his house was just a small white house with a small garden. For a magician, it looks as if he did quite well, he must be a good magician. They went inside and it was a mess. There were books everywhere in the living room, all dusty and out of place. The dark wallpapers made the whole room scary. There were cloaks and wands on the table, and a parakeet in a cage, making noises.

"Excuse the mess. I'm a man living alone, i think you'll understand." Nichkhun said.Tiffany giggled silently. Nichkhun showed her to a guest room where Tiffany will be staying. "It's not much, but i think you'll survive." Nichkhun smiled.

It was a pretty room, tiffany thought to herself. Everything in it was white. White walls, white curtains, white table, white wardrobe. The only thing that wasn't white was the bedsheet. It was red.

"It's called the red room." Nichkhun said. "There's one simple rule while staying here for a week." Nickhun suddenly warned. 

"What is it?"

"Never. Go. Upstairs. Simple as that."

"What is there upstairs?"

"Nothing. Don't worry, everything you need will be downstairs. kitchen, red room, my room, lving room, dining room, bathroom. So there's no reason for you to want to go upstairs, right?"

"I guess so."

it was simple for tiffany to understand that she could not go upstairs. But she couldn't exactly fathom why. She was getting curious, and curious. But she thought it was easier if she doesn't create trouble.They went back to the living room. Tiffany took the books on the sofa and placed it on the table so she could sit.

"You like books?"

"Obvious, isn't it?" Nichkhun said simply.

Tiffany sat in silence.

"Why are you here in Florida? Sungmin told me you wanted to search for a guy. Is that true?"

"Obvious isn't it?" Tiffany retorted.

"Touche" Nichkhun smiled. "So tell me about this guy."

"Ummm..." Tiffany hesitated. Then she stopped and shook her head.

"Is it a secret?"

"No.. it's just that there's nothing to tell. All i know is he's a pilot, heading here to Florida."

"So... you... don't know him?" Nichkhun grinned, as if he thought that it was simply interesting.

"Not exactly. I do know him..."

"Does he know you?"


"Oh my goodness. You wasted thousands of dollars to search for someone you think you love that you don't even know?"

Tiffany crinkled her nose and pouted. She didn't like to be made fun of. "It's supposed to be romantic. For someone who likes books, i expect you to know the meaning of true love."

"Yeah. but the books has nothing like loving someone you barely know." Nichkhun smirked. "Why do you think you're in love with him?"

"I just know. Alright? When you love someone, you just... you just know."

Nichkhun was silenced by her reply. He had sudden thoughts of the girl that he used to know he was in love with. Tiffany reminded him of someone that he wanted to forget. Nichkhun stared at Tiffany for a brief second and then looked away in disgust. "So... your bag's missing. Want to report it to the cops?"

"It's okay. I'm too lazy and too tired. There's nothing in there except for my phone, money, and plane tickets."

After having dinner, Tiffany helped with the dishes while listening to Alex's song again. Nichkhun was mumbling and humming along while reading a book.

Done with the dishes, she said to Nichkhun. "I'm going to my room now and ... I''ll just wait till i get to sleep. Still jet lagged."

"Whatever you say." Nichkhun continued reading.

Tiffany went to unpack her clothes and she saw the pilot's reminder. What if he doesnt remember going to florida after all? Who's the thai prince? Tiffany wondered.

It was already 3 a.m , and Tiffany couldn't sleep. So she got out of bed. She went out of her room but it was dark and the lights were turned off. She knocked on Nichkhun's door but there was no reply. Maybe he's asleep. Tiffany slowly opened the door and it creaked open, but there was no one there.

Tiffany went back to her room in confusion. Maybe he was upstairs. But just the thought of the second floor made her even more curious on what was going on upstairs.

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Good story !
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Chapter 19: Beautiful ending :)
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Chapter 19: Yay the happily ever ending. I want to know what to khunfany more.
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Chapter 19: That was a beautiful ending....part 2 please more on khunfany....their story after taeyeon's wedding...
Chapter 19: Khunfany
Kyaaah Please Do sequel :)))))
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Beautiful at the end <3
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Perfect! :) Love it