This..a story of time binding journey; journey's chart of Choi Jonghyun and Yoo Changhyun. Everybody growth; but not everyone be mature. As long as we live within time, as long that life matured within age. 

What happen when the blockhead and the ice-cold have to live together under one roof?


A love and hate story of Jonghyun and Changhyun, not as easy as fairy tale; a happily ever after romance. Because their story begin way ahead. They hate each other, they hold grudge toward each other, and both were silent since their high school. 

"Is this love?"- Changhyun

"i dont know when it start.But what i am sure of - I love you more than ever."-Jonghyun

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Dendri #1
Chapter 4: I'm in love with this so far. Keep the good work up!
Chapter 5: changhyun dad in the hospital/dying?? why do I have a feeling it was a set up?
Chapter 5: what happened in the past that was so bad??? o_o I'm more curious about this. aigoo haha. nice story telling :) I had fun reading
maknae_changhyunnie #4
Chapter 4: Only have time to cmt now...
omg omg OMG! I LOVE where this story is going :'( This is going to be good lol... Really wanna see how Jonghyunnie makes Changhyunnie fall i love with him. And they r getting married!!!! Will they move in together before or after the wedding? Will u write about the wedding? Haha i am asking too many questions...
Fighting author-nim, pls update soon~
Imaginationgirl #5
Chapter 4: aww cant wait, its going to be interesting :)
Chapter 3: please update soon~ i'm curious on what will happen next
Imaginationgirl #7
Chapter 2: Finally you updated it \(^o^)/,can wait to see what happens next :)
maknae_changhyunnie #8
I love this! I hope you will update soon, author-nim...
Chapter 2: Changjo finds changhyun's bipolar change is's funnier when changhyun dont recognise him until his brother come.btw, I just knew that yoo young jin is ricky's real brother and he is from alphabet.stupid me!
Pandaalem21 #10
Chapter 2: Hey I'm lost!