Broken Wings



D    e    s    c    r    i    p    t    i    o    n                                                       


A love divided by two different worlds


What is an eternity for, if it is not filled by you?
What are wings for, if they only push me away from you?

Wherever you are, I’ll be there.
No matter where, if you are with me…
…anywhere will be paradise.



A/N : Sorry that awkward description, at least I tried x)



F    o    r    e    w    o    r    d                                                          



Observing him for a moment,
he captured his beauty in his memory once again because after tonight,
he probably wont see him ever again.

He brought him closer to his body, and silently,
he promised that no matter how or when...

...they will be together again.



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Chapter 7: This is the most beautiful story ive ever read on Kyungmyeon~ ahh.. I can almost imagine how angelic jumyeon looks like. And how sweet he is to Kyungsoo. Theyre like match made in heaven. Im glad Kyungsoo remembered at last and Junmyeon finally is mortal. I really love this kind of story.
Chapter 7: cries. i was only able to read this now huhu
but omg i was so annoyed when jongin left sehun but then again he did the right thing. he talked to kyungsoo first ;u; and oh my godhsjsj luhan's appearance at the end :D
yayayayaya woot woot. still sad bc it's the end. T_T i feel like everything is a bit rushed towards the end. but weeee soo ended up with junmyeon ❤️ i wished they had another sudi chapter before the epilogue though. aand awww i see my name on the thank you list hihi ^_^
noomico #3
Chapter 7: Thank you so much x3
junno4320 #4
Chapter 7: Omg!! Congratulation unnie, you did amazing job!! Iknow how hard u tried to finish the story n' u madeee it ~~ I'll miss this story so much >~<
Even though u won't be an author but we still keep in touch /somehow n' someway God knows/ right??!!! @@
P/s: I saw my name in the Thank u part unnie ^^ - ahhhhhh so sweet thk u u, too >"<
noomico #6
Chapter 4: X3 lovely ughhhh l need to sleeo now
Chapter 3: yesyesyes sdfghj i am sO HAPPY
noomico #8
Chapter 3: TvT beautiful
junno4320 #9
Chapter 2: Omg!! Took you so long unnie >"<
Please update soonnnnnn author-nim^__^~~