60 Years...And I Still Love You Stupid!

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"Did you find someone else up there?"


"No my precious. You can't be replace even for a thousands years. I still love you. I still love you stupid!"

Tae Soon

"Mom, can you tell Mama Rin that I really miss her?"


"She is listening honey. She's here, standing right in front of you. She said she miss you too. She love you..and... she kiss your forehead."


"Mama, I wish you were here. Watching me here standing at the aisle. Few minutes more I'm gonna be someone wife. I hope to see your smile at this moment. This is what you always dreamed off. Me in white and you always said that you gonna walk me down to the aisle. Mama can you hear me? I love you Ma."


"Yes sweetheart. I'm watching you. I am here, with you. I'm happy for you. Finally, you found your love like Mama and Mom did. You look so beautiful in white, darling. Remind me of your Mom. Thank you Darin. You make my dream came true. I love you too."



Alright, this is a one-shot from I Love You, StupidAnd also my very first one-shot story. I hope this will come out good. It's about ChaeRa life after 60 years. As you can see above it's kind of a bit sad story but I promise you to do my best to make it beautiful. This one-shot as my apologized for not updating my stories for too long. I have a very terrible AUTHOR BLOCKPlease forgive me T_T and someone please help me to UNBLOCK my mind so I can write again. So guys, I'm gonna post the story later tonight. I want to tease y'all with the description first! See yaaaaa!


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Sandar10 #1
I really love this love story <3
I love You Stupid .. My Precious Sandara & 60 Years...And I Still Love You Stupid! <3
huskylover #2
Chapter 2: update I love you stupid please, hehe
Deechae #3
Wae??? Why you dont continue i love you stupid? It hurts us seeing dara miss chaerin!
Thank you for updating as dara's birthday gift
Chapter 2: AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <33 I love it :D It always makes me smile. You know what, you're actually good in writing this fluff-angst genre author-nim. You should do more of this, right? :D

and hello, BOM! Still a food lover :D
nurwishindong #5
Chapter 1: you know what now I miss I Love You, Stupid so much T.T update that story please author-nim
Deechae #6
Chapter 1: Its beautiful but its sad because they cant be together. Why dont you continue the story instead of one shot. Just write whatever in your mind author nim. Thank you for this.i miss them
Chapter 1: Woaa.. so intense.. it's a great one - shot!! Good, awesome job author-nim!! Congratulations!! =D *throws you confetti over your head hehe =D *applause*!!