My Two in One Sweetheart


Lee Hyukjae or better known as Eunhyuk is a charismatic red haired junior student, one of those campus heartthrobs in his school, an average guy with an average IQ who doesn’t need to do some of his home works since a lot of girls in their school were volunteering themselves to do it for him, a guy who will date someone but wouldn’t last a week, he is someone who doesn’t need to have part time jobs like what the others do since the apartment he’s renting at is always filled with foods, gifts like clothes, perfumes, and even gadgets given by his loyal admirers, a guy who only cares about himself and only worries about his own. That’s how he sees life, he describes it as normal and ordinary in contrary with how the others sees it. He enjoys everything until he met his greatest responsibility.


Lee Donghae he’s carrying with him two identities, switching into two genders which he himself has no control of, someone who’s not from the real world. In his search for someone he will be needing help.

Two different person, from two different world, and when they meet, things will never be the same again for each of them.

*A story of love and comedy, with a sprinkle of angst. 






Who is this girl eating breakfast with me? I don’t even know who she is, she had told me her name last night, but I found the name weird and inappropriate for a girl which made me totally forget her name. 

I found her last night soaking wet in the rain. I pity her so I approached her since nobody else would want to give her some help. She was blabbering things that were out of this world so I’ve decided to bring her home with me so she can dry herself and change her clothes as well. I thought that maybe after that I can start talking to her properly, but I was wrong.

 “Hyukjae, Hyukjae right?” she finally spoke after finishing her 10th bowl of rice. Seriously, I am beginning to ask myself if I need to cook another batch as she started scooping again from the rice cooker completely emptying it with rice.

 “ Yeah, yes that’s right. Hyukjae. You’ve said it right.” I answered, trying my best to smile at her though her appetite was really bothering me.

“I think the sun couldn’t feed me enough because it’s too far from this planet. Thank you for sharing me your food I’m sorry you have to share it with me.” She said, giving me an apologetic look.

I was about to knock some sense over her, to make her come to her senses and force her to talk properly with me because she doesn’t really make any sense with all the stuffs she was blabbering about when something strange happened to the lady in front of me. I froze in my seat as I saw her long black hair become shorter and shorter until it was just in the level of her nape. My eyes went as big as saucers as I saw the hump on her chest slowly flattening until her s were no longer visible from the shirt she’s wearing.

The beautiful girl sitting with me a while ago, having breakfast with me earlier was no longer here. I couldn’t believe what I just saw, did she just turned into a boy? Sitting right next to me is a boy , a beautiful looking boy with black hair cropped short.

“Oh!” he gasped,, “I’m back to normal, I’m a guy again.” then he looked at me, “I was really a guy, there’s just some abnormality that happened when I was being created. I turn into a girl when I get hungry, or upset.” He told me like it was just a normal or an ordinary thing for a human to hear or to know.

My eyes were still as wide as they were earlier, “What are you?” I started freaking out but he was still as calm as before.

“Me? I already told you last night. I’m Donghae.” he replied as he beamed a smile at me.


I could only shake my head as my mind went chaotic, ‘Oh God please help me…’




A/N:  “My Only Two in One Sweetheart” the story was actually Ranma ½ inspired. XD but of course Hae's transformation here from being a boy to a girl was different. 

So the foreword was taken out from a chapter in the story you'll get to know more by reading the succeeding chapters starting from Chapter 1.

This fic is actually a request... well something i could update when i get bored maybe XDDD BUT It’s a fun story to read so I hope you can get to read it. 

..and yeah.. I marked it rated because i might include some love scenes/ on the succeeding chapters.. XD

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Chapter 7: Really really love this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
HanBaram #2
Chapter 7: Please continueeeeeee
Chapter 7: Hello...i'm here again. I've been waiting for u to update this for quite some time now~~ really want to know what will happen next~~ hihi

Hyukjae is such a sneaky monkey! Taking advantage of cutie haehae!!
Chapter 6: You have two fanfic 's and I love both . I do not know what happened to you that you stopped writing and I hope you are well . I just want to say that even after two years I have not forgotten your stories ...

As I said before it fascinates me how you write as you can wrap the reader with only a paragraph ...

Even I have the hope that back .... I hope you are well.
greetings ~
ashlie_kpop #5
pls continue this author-nim
Chapter 7: just when the things got heated TT;;;;;; I'll wait for you even if it takes thousand years otl ♡♡♡
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Chapter 7: I'm in love with this^^... please update pleaseeeee!!!
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please continue this fic...pleaseee^^
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love this story!