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In 2007, it was Girls' Generation. In 2009, f(x). And now, the internet is again abuzz with gossip and rumors as netizens await the announcement of SM's newest girl group. For years, Violet Stars' members have been training, all for a shot to be placed in a group and debut under the wing of South Korea's most infamous talent agency. For seven lucky girls, the chance has finally come - along with the opportunity to collaborate with SM's hottest boy band, EXO. But will the girls triumph in leading the newest generation of girl bands in kpop, or will they crumble under the pressure of an unforgiving industry and expectations of instant stardom and success?


✰ violet stars ⟨ reviewed & added all trainees who submitted apps in the correct place. elsewise, please review the rules & cheat sheet again. ⟩

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BitterWarrior #1
Chapter 4: this is so interesting, i want ot be in a girl group!!!
hommage #2
Chapter 7: i just saw this.. and i can't believe that i didn't apply...
Chapter 4: Kwak... Why am I thinking of Sandeul TT
Chapter 3: I swear if this is were real the views and the comments would be millions. Just being SM's new girl group would stir up netizens, let alone all these interactions with SM artists and media play.
I love this nonetheless.

I'm dying at the Twilight extra thing.
Violet Stars is a six members girl group right ? Why are there seven silhouettes in the poster ?
Hello Lovely Authors!! Happy New Year! I just wanted to check in and see how this story was coming and if you have any idea if you may be updating again soon.

I hope you all are doing well!
Chapter 7: omg i like the story so much, Catherine song is my bias on Violet Stars tbh bc she's baek sumin. <33 I hope she and luhan will be the one paired uuuup. :">
Chapter 7: Oh my frick frack why did I not know of this sooner?! ;~; I wish I got to apply :c
Chapter 8: I like where the story is going! But can't get a grip of it because of so many characters in here...