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Kyungsoo opens his eyes. The smell of the ocean awakens his senses. Unfamiliar sight welcomes him, but the hands obviously calloused from the frequent strumming of the guitar relives his anxiety. Chanyeol firmly holds his right hand.


Kyungsoo, despite being in a place he has never been before, knows where he is supposed to go. His eyes wander into the two graves just a few feet away. Still, holding Chanyeol’s hand, Kyungsoo leads the way, Chanyeol trailing behind.

Upon reaching his destination, Kyungsoo reaches for his pocket and pulls a rectangular piece with torn edges; traces of liquid that are now dry, and the image fading away. Their first photo together.

Kyungsoo wishes he hasn’t come. The moment his eyes landed on a silver metallic box, tears started to form from his eyes.

“Jongin, maybe wanted you to have that. Sehun left them there. He said, that when you’re ready, you must find it where Jongin is.”

“Sehun said those are Jongin’s most priced possessions.”


He opened the box and Kyungsoo after two years smiled. He saw Polaroid photos of him. Before, Kyungsoo would always ask Jongin why the latter wanted photos, Jongin said that photographs are forever. Kyungsoo always thought that he just saw BAekhyun’s photos but not of himself. Sometimes he felt jealous but now, Kyungsoo felt stupid.

The box contained hundreds of Polaroids – the photographs are him.

The slanted photo of Kyungsoo, the first one he took, he remembered it when Jongin confessed to him; at the back there was a message, 11-9-06, “My first padum padum”

Kyungsoo smiling widely as he noticed most of the photos are stolen shots. “Isn’t he a stalker?”

A photo right after Jongin confessed, 10-25-09, “My first kiss”

Another photo that caught Kyungsoo’s attention was the photo where in Kyungsoo was wearing Jongin’s shirt and with his smirk and trademark stare, a line was written, “My forever”

Every photo has a message, has a date. First fight, first kimchi spaghetti, sleeping Kyungsoo, angry Kyungsoo, when we dance all night, our first night together, when we bet on Baekhyun, lotte world adventure, everything was labeled.


Jongin loved photographs because they are forever. Kyungsoo is his forever.


Then Kyungsoo’s eyes landed on a blank Polaroid, he turned it around,


10-25-15 – “I’ll ask Kyungsoo to marry me.”


“Dumb .” Kyungsoo muttered while tears are falling from his eyes.


                Kyungsoo sobbed continuously.

                He wanted a forever. Jongin wanted a forever. They both want a forever.






“Jongin and I have our forever.” Kyungsoo suddenly says while placing the Polaroid in Jongin’s grave.

Chanyeol looks at him, his eyes full of understanding and care; clearly knows what Kyungsoo is referring to.

“He is gone.” Kyungsoo’s voice has never been so firm and strong. “I know. I accepted that.”



Kyungsoo smiles while his right hand is on his heart and the other as if reaching for someone.


“But our forever will always be here.”



“Because he will always be in my heart.”




That is our forever.











Don't hate me. I'm sorry. I'm not satisfied with this T.T but a little trivia, the ending was written as soon as I finished the 27th of October. It was planned all along. Jongin was really with Baekhyun.

I love you guys.

I'll stop writing angst for the mean time and focus on fluff and one shots.

speaking of one shot, I recently wrote, It Takes Two. It is my personal favorite from the ones that I have written :D


But again. I love you all.

Thank you for reading The 27th of October and The Last Straw.


hugs and kisses,




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WinterKim #1
Chapter 7: I'm pretty depressed that I still can't accept the fact that both of Chanyeol and Kyungsoo lost their soulmates. Like, the first chapter of both 27th and Last Straw they are single and yeah the they are still single. What is life
shiexo_anies #2
Chapter 5: Omg I read 27 october years ago . And i found this story yesterday. My whole life has been a lie sob sob sob . Jongin die could be more sad than baek die.
LoV3MuZiK #3
Chapter 7: waeee??? I hoped till the end that it won't.. be a sad ending....but..b-b-but... T_T
Flyni124 #4
The story is very interesting. I cried. Thank you, author <3

Can I translate this fic into Vietnamese?
I'll write with full credit. Please reply me soon.
bami1756 #5
Chapter 6: This is so tragic for me. Oh my heart.. I'm sobbing so hard. But I know this one is a good ending too.. Love ya!
LaylaEl #6
Chapter 6: aaaaaaaahhh jesus... jesus... jesus .. uhhh dear lord bless them all jesus... goooddddddd i cried again.. i hate you authors T_T ahhh jesus... ugghh lord i wish i can hug both of them... agghhh poor little things... ahhhh god jesus have mercy on me
AlyciaC #7
Chapter 5: .... how to describe this story ? IIt'swell writen. It made me laugh and cry. Reading these comments i was wondering if iIshould read this or not. II'mnot ddisappointed. ! So heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time
onelastlove #8
Chapter 7: I actually cried reading this. HOW COULD YOU but this was so so good ;3;
flowereu #9
Chapter 6: i feel like this is the first time i read angst but tbh i have read many angst and the 27th of october and the last straw made me cry so much omg thank you for the story author-nim! fighting!