7 Days...Saranghae ~~


This is a malay story . It is not a fanfic but kinda ~ haha . Sorry for my bad english and malay . I'm not a real author though . doing for fun. i have post this story on my blog but there's no one wanna read it . so i decided to post this story here . please leave your comment after reading :)

ramai cakap kalau watak tu kpop artist lagi best . so korang bayangkan lah yang tu bias korang yeee . hehe


Storyline : Siti Deeja
Artwork/poster : Siti Deeja
Genre : Romance , Love , Travel
P/s: Suhaila  POV only.
from day 1 to day 7 . 


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L_oppa #1
Chapter 9: annyeong~ love the story. part tu memang sad gile! saya ni dah la senang menangis. haha..please continue MR.Anonymous and write wonderful story like this ;)
Chapter 1: annyeong ~ love your story.. :) harap buat banyak lagi fanfics yang mcm ni :)
Woah~ best la citer awak!sedih saya.hehe anyway buat lagi taw citer yg mcm nii~ sweet :)
Chapter 9: Ahh, sweetnya! Please buat lagi story macam ni, tapi jalan cerita lain and chapter yang banyak eh? Suka cerita ni,
Chapter 8: Perghhh memang best
Chapter 8: Best! But klau tukar watak laki tuu ngan Kpop artist, lg best xD