Kim Ki Bum, exactly how many hearts do you want to possess?


Hello everybody, it's my first time trying to write a fanfic, I hope you'll enjoy it ~ Do comment and tell me how I can improve, gowamo (: Don't worry if you find the exact same fic on livejournal by the same name, it's my other account. Just wanted to post it on both. Enjoy, I hope the story isn't too bad ><

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Chapter 1: Waiting for him even after seeing him cheating ;_;
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congratulations on the random feature!
Chapter 1: It's so sweet A
whiterose12 74 streak #6
Chapter 1: Nice, I really like :D
23elevens #8
Keke okay I will ^^ but I doubt I would, since it was a Drabble gone wrong (: hee!
kolpupanda #9
ok, but stil....someday, if you wanna continue it and end it by the happy one, pls don't forget to tell me, ne?<br />
Omo, no one have called me unnie before, thanks!!! Although, you may older than me... Lol
23elevens #10
@shining_writer - keke, glad you liked it unnie! I shall read your stories too when I don't have school hounding me <: Thank you!<br />
<br />
@queenhinata - hehe, this was a drabble turned too long (: Thankyou! I'll do better in the future ^^<br />
<br />
kolpupanda - this is a oneshot unnie! Hmm, okay I'll try to write a happy minkey story <: Shall work on it now! I'll try to get it up by.. Sunday? <: thank you for the encouragement! (: