The Dreaming


My very FIRST sasunaru fanfic!! I'm so excited but tired at the same time (it's 3 am here!) *Fan girl scream as I roll on the floor* I hope you enjoy! If you don't already know, sasunaru is a BL (Boys love, ) pairing of characters Naruto Uzamaki and Sasuke Uchiha from the hit anime/manga NARUTO.


Uchiha, Sasuke disappeared after the battle at the waterfall with Uzimaki, Naruto leaving many to suspect betrayal. Alone with his thoughts NARUTO struggles to get past the fact Sasuke is gone much less the fact he may have betrayed Konaha. With emotions b inside he slowly feels like his going crazy. Is Sasuke visiting him every night? Why didn't he kill him at the waterfall? Did they kiss? Why does his chest hurt so much? And why can't he get Sasuke out of his head, no matter what?


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_Falas_ #1
Is there any chance of you updating this?
nice story!
interesting!!!! please update soon!!! :D
AzenZensation_0 #4
oh wow i am interested :) hope you update soon:D