part iii

Lessons with Troublemakers

Lessons with Troublemakers 




word count: 2,400



Two pairs of narrowed eyes watched from their lockers as a male student clad in huge specs (that made him look even cuter) walked across the hall, holding up a stack of books in his hands. One of the male chuckled in amusement when the short male released a puppy-sounding yelp from nearing running into a door.



“Is that the little kitten you’ve been bragging about lately?” The blond one spoke up after gazing intensely at the so-called elite student. There was no spark of attraction. The kid looked really bland and normal from his point of view. What did his other members see in this clumsy four eyes?



The other male purred back in response, greedy eyes eating up the small figure from behind. “Oh yes he is. Mm, look at those legs - ow!” He screeched when his friend promptly knocked his forehead using his knuckles.



The Chinese blonde made a ‘tsk’ sound. “You’re younger than me and you’re much ed than I thought, Taozi.”



“Oh really?” Tao rubbed his forehead, hoping that his friend didn’t leave a mark there. “You should have seen our maknae then, Sehun practically molested him from what Baek hyung told me.” His face turned dark, something akin of jealousy twisting inside his gut. Tao curtly reminded himself to trip the maknae when he sees him during lunchtime.



“The poor kid’s getting harassed by you all. I pity him.”


Eyes glinting haughtily with a playful smirk curling up on his lips, Tao tilted his head at Kris. “Hyung, you’ll understand once you see him close up.” Do Kyungsoo is so much more than he meets the eye.







Minseok and Luhan.



Those baby features that they have don’t really suit their personalities much. In fact, they weren’t innocent at all. Nope, they were anything but harmless little boys. They were the big bad wolves hiding underneath sheeps’ skin, ready to strike on their beloved prey. After all, they are the oldest amongst their delinquent members.



That was what Kyungsoo thought when the two older males pounced on him the very second he stepped into the classroom for his tutoring. The small male was caught off guard when Luhan and Minseok sandwiched him in between their bodies, squishing the three of them closely together. Hands sprawling all over his body and groping everywhere (someone was squeezing his !), the doe eyed male squealed out in protest.



“N-No let me go and stop touching my b-!” A wriggling Kyungsoo complained loudly, a dusting of pink coloring his cheeks spreading like wildfire as another hand tickled his neck. “N-No that tickles!”  He squirmed more, letting out unrestrained giggles as more fingers joined in the tickling fest.



“Awwww.. look at him, Minseokie. He’s a such fluffball!” Luhan made cooing noises as he pet Kyungsoo’s soft hair like what a master does to his pet kitten. “Can we just adopt him?” The doll-like male suggested, rubbing his nose under the younger male’s sensitive ear. He grinned wickedly at the shuddery gasp from the latter.



“Only if you promise to share, Luhanie.” A twin like grin appeared on Minseok’s face as well, mirroring Luhan’s. “Let’s call him our Baby Soo.” Minseok chuckled, delighting at how Kyungsoo’s expression twisted into a half-irritated and half-scared one.



“The t-tutoring -” Kyungsoo meekly squeaked out when Luhan bit his ear, growling like a starved beast deprived of his meal and immediately the boy clamped his mouth shut for fear of being throttling by the two delinquents. The petite male nearly fainted when Minseok’s hands started sliding underneath his shirt (since when did he pull the ends out from his pants?) and caressing the milky skin on his stomach.



“Can we play first, Baby Soo?” Minseok huffed, bloating his cheeks up to emit more cute pheromones to the naive Kyungsoo. “We promise to study later!” He widened his eyes for a better effect.



“Yeah, entertain us first.” Luhan participated too, making his voice sound like a child asking for attention from his parents. “Pretty please? We promise to be good students after this.”



Do not fall for their fake innocent faces! Kyungsoo innerly screeched at himself, his conscience blaring red alerts in every corner of his brain. But one look from Luhan, those round orbs twinkling pleadingly with that imploring pout had Kyungsoo’s defences all falling. “I-I guess ..” Kyungsoo side eyed Minseok who fluttered his eyelashes charmingly. “.. we can study after this.”



He couldn’t stall in the whimper when the hand on his gave a firm squeeze again.







Flustered and shameful, Kyungsoo hastily buttoned up his school uniform and hoped that he didn’t look too dishevelled. Somehow, he could sense that his hair was sticking up in odd angles from the pulling and his lips stinging red from the (rough) kisses.He should’ve known that those two wolves would go overboard. Kyungsoo shuddered. If it wasn’t for him, then he would have been eaten alive in the classroom by Luhan and Minseok.




“Be quiet, you two.”



Kyungsoo wasn’t a professional in language subjects but he could hear the distinctive chinese accent from his saviour, the low timbre tone sending goosebumps up Kyungsoo’s skin and melted him like an ice-cream on a hot day. He was still lying on one the desks, panting heavily with his shirt ed from Luhan and Minseok’s earlier advances.



“Nooo, we don’t want to leave!” Luhan whined and flailed childishly when he was dragged away by a male one or two heads taller than him. Minseok was next to him, being hauled by the giant as well. The two of them kept whining and whining at the tall blond who ignored them until they were outside of the room and gone down the hallways.



He didn’t get a chance to see the male’s face but from the wide frame of his strong defined shoulders and his towering height, those long lanky legs - Kyungsoo was undoubtedly sure he was good looking or maybe even more than that. The spark of interest within the doe eyed male was what made him dead curious to find out the person’s identity.



And Kyungsoo wanted to meet him more than ever now.







“Thank you, Jongin ah. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”


Those rose petal lips curving naturally into a beaming smile had Jongin’s heart beating violently against his chest, so violent that Jongin had to palm his chest to make sure it was still there. Angling his head to the side just enough to see Kyungsoo, the tanned male grinned wolfishly. “N-No problem, hyung. You look like you really needed help.”



This morning, Kyungsoo was approached by the school librarian who needed help to move some books over to another section. Being the Good Samaritan he is, Kyungsoo couldn’t find the heart to reject the old lady. Besides, he was a healthy young male who had much strength compared to the librarian. On the other hand, Kyungsoo wasn’t expecting a huge mountain of books waiting for him in the corner of the library.


“Can you do this alone, young man?” The librarian raised her head from the counter, huge glasses nearly obscuring her whole wrinkly face. The old lady scrunched her nose, a judging look etching across her face once she saw how much the tiny male was struggling with the stack of books.



Kyungsoo could barely see the view in front of his feet. In fact, his face couldn’t be seen with the books covering him all the way up to his nose. He was blaming his height for that matter. Nodding furiously and squeaking out a ‘yes i can, ma’am’, the petite male blindly strode towards the new location where the books should be moved to. He pretended that he didn’t trip along the stairs.


I’m a manly man. These books won’t pull me down!


And the said manly man went sliding down the stairs when his clumsy feet gave up on him, books flying everywhere. The sound of books hitting the floor in thud sounds was deafening. That mini heart attack as he braced himself for the painful fall of his nose colliding onto the hard tile floor but nothing happened. It was almost like his body was suspended up in the air during his mid fall.


Kyungsoo opened his curious eyes and blinked twice. Was it possible to trip down the stairs and land in heaven? Because he was in an angel’s arms (those strong, defined guns, Kyungsoo swooned at those arms the sleeveless shirt revealed) right now. Cue the sappy romantic music of piano and violins playing their tune for them.



“Hyung, that was dangerous. You should be careful.” Feline cat slit eyes narrowed down at him, a flash of concern in those pools. The lights from the ceiling illuminated Jongin’s dark skin making it glint so ily, the smaller male in his embrace nearly drooled.


“O-Oh..” Kyungsoo gaped at the younger male’s sudden bewitching aura over him. Since when did Jongin become so attractive? Cheeks burning, Kyungsoo pinched his cheek hard. Out of so many people in his head, he wasn’t expecting the tanned male to be here. In a library out of all the places.




“I’ll help you carry those, hyung.” Jongin stated, his voice allowing no space for Kyungsoo to decline. The tanned male was almost reluctant to let go of the doe eyed male, Jongin enjoyed holding Kyungsoo’s petite body close to his - loving the way how their bodies mold and fit together perfectly.



The way Kyungsoo’s face twisted into a cheerful expression, eyes crinkling cutely, pink lips curling enticingly, Jongin thought it was more than enough to brighten up an entire city. As he picked the books up one by one, the dancer pondered deep in his thoughts, unaware of the other hand reaching for the same red book.


It was electrifying.


The sizzling jolt ran up Jongin’s spine as their hands brushed over each other. Just a feathery light touch was enough to stir his body to respond in a fiery way.


“O-Oh, I’m sorry. Here you go.” Kyungsoo was red-faced, quickly pushing the book towards him.


Do Kyungsoo was a magnet. A magnet that pulled Jongin in, closer and closer - Jongin didn’t want it to end. Their first encounter was somehow rough in a way but Jongin wouldn’t have it anyway. Because he planned to make Kyungsoo his.


“It’s okay, hyung.






Hyunsik’s jaw nearly fell off his mouth. “W-Wait, are you speaking of Kim Joonmyun? As in the Kim Joonmyun?”


“Um, yes.” Kyungsoo squirmed in his seat under his friend’s demanding stare. He played with the list in his hands, going through the names again. Yes, indeed it was Kim Joonmyun he’d be tutoring today after school. “What’s the matter with Joonmyun-sshi?” His wide probing gaze met Hyunsik’s.



Squinting at his clueless buddy, Hyunsik shook his head with a smile of amusement on his lips. “You do know that kid’s a genius right?” He revelled in the startled gasp from Kyungsoo and continued, “From what I heard, the Kim Joonmyun is the best among the best in his’s such a shame his groupies are delinquents.” Hyunsik gritted out the last word hatefully.




Stars literally sparkled from Kyungsoo’s brown orbs as he squealed in awe. “Wow, really? That’s so admirable of him!” The shorter male made tiny sounds of amazement as he clapped his hands together like a baby seal, unintentionally showcasing his aegyo.


As the other male continued squealing and beaming, Hyunsik quietly muttered under his breath. “But then why does he need tutoring?” That sneaky prince is plotting something and I don’t like it. Nevertheless, Hyunsik continued entertaining the overexcited Kyungsoo who wasn’t keen on stopping his squealing anytime.


All those squealing nearly took a toll on his voice and Kyungsoo mentally berated himself for overreacting. Since it had been a long time that he had found someone on the same ‘level’ of caliber with him, he couldn’t wait to be friends with him.


Kyungsoo was enthusiastic or maybe a tad too much because the boy was clearly skipping down the hallways merrily, completely oblivious to the dark eyes watching his every move. It took him another few minutes to arrive at his destination.


Music Room 3.


Was he ready? No. Kyungsoo shook his head furiously, sending strands of his short hair flying back and forth. He’d have to remind himself not to act stupid dork in front of Joonmyun (his new senpai). Going into a frenzy of jittery emotions, Kyungsoo’s tiny hands began squishing his own cheeks in impulse. Again and again.


Oh God, what if I embarrass myself? Do I go in now or ...


Kyungsoo ended up staring at the door for a solid three minutes.


“I should go in.” That was what he told himself but his body stay rooted to the same spot. The door slowly creaked open and Kyungsoo let out an unmanly shriek, stumbling backwards in a movement of his short clumsy limbs. He held his hands closely to his chest, heart thumping wildly like a timid rabbit when a tuft of black hair emerges from behind the door.


The owner of the black hair raised his head up to reveal a gorgeous face. The male was blinking at a stupefied Kyungsoo. “Oh, are you by any chance Do-sshi?” The angelic smile curling up on the male’s lips lit up his entire face and Kyungsoo was entranced yet again by the beautiful boy.


A stream of harmonious chuckling dragged Kyungsoo roughly out of his befuddled state. “I’m Kim Joonmyun.”


“A-Ah!” Kyungsoo gave a deep bow, cheeks pinkening because he was right in front of his senior, the Kim Joonmyun and Kyungsoo has never wanted to fanboy so badly. He tried to keep his stuttering in check but failed miserably. “H-Hello, I’m Do Kyungsoo and I’ll be your tutor from now on. Please t-take care of me.”


He could faintly hear Joonmyun whispering a quiet ‘cute’ under his breath and Kyungsoo’s face darkened into a pretty shade of pinkish red.


Kyungsoo disliked people calling him cute.

He thought it was okay to make an exception.


He found out that he did rather get along nicely with Joonmyun who was very princely and gentlemanly towards Kyungsoo who would get all red and squeaky with him.


Kyungsoo couldn't wait to meet with the rest of them.









Lady's Corner 



Long AN ahead. MUST READ. This is regarding my updates and stories.

Hello all :) It's been a month and more I know. I'm terribly sorry that I don't have time to update. This might be bad news but I have to say that I will be on SEMI-HIATUS (I will still be on AFF but might not be able to update my stories for the moment) for a while (depends on college) but if I have free time during the weekend, I might surprise you all with an update or two. No promises though :l

After a month of starting my 2nd sem, I've realized that the assignments and projects are getting harder and the amount is increasing ;~; Plus, I've been getting sick easily nowadays (I've been whining about it on twitter) and I have a bad sore throat now. I know that using college as an excuse might be cliche but no, it's not. College life is busy as . Also, have I mentioned that I was elected for a position (a high one) in my college's CA club. So, I will have to attend and organize lots of activities ;____;

Lessons with Troublemakers will not be forgotten (it's like my baby) and so is Shameless (i just need time to reorganize some chapters) along with The Centerpiece. All I ask for from my readers is to be patient and support me all the way. I might not be able to update until the semester break arrives but I will try my best to slip in updates in between the weekends. If there's anything, just leave a message on my wall or PM me or mention me on twitter @SquishyMcSoo and I will reply.

Thank you for reading :)


P.S. next update for part four will be here by next week or so



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