Jongin lives as a member of a poor carnival troupe, until one day he's taken in by a rich man to live with him and be the companion of his sick son.





“No doubt father brought you here because he thought I found you interesting.” Sehun says, still fixed on his book. “The truth is I found the mechanics of your act interesting, and once I’d figured them out they weren’t very interesting at all. You’ve been brought here under false pretences. You might as well leave.”


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Chapter 5: Oh god i cant believe I'm crying like this...this was the most touching fic i ever had read and I'm so happy that i choose to read this... The ending though... It was sooo emotional and sooo good ...the best i guess... Thank you so much for sharing this with us ... I can't stop crying gosh
Kaianara #2
Chapter 5: This was beautiful! Thank you for writing it.
I always end up coming back to this fic ♥ remains one of my favorite sekai fics to this day
91 streak #4
Chapter 5: It's really beautiful !
Still I think it's not fair for kyunsoo
Rodoshi #5
Chapter 5: This was a very very very good read. I cried a lot. The ending was BEAUTIFUL. God bless you.
Kpoplover0399 #6
Chapter 5: I cried so much during the story my eyes are swollen. Great story author, I love the ending the most <3
Chapter 5: I had a feeling that this story would end up in an angsty manner and I would be left with tears but I'm glad for the happy ending, even though Sehun was a for most of the time. As for the tears, I cried anyway because this story is just too beautiful and perfect. The angst and the romance was perfect, even though I wanted Sehun to repent his actions even more. I felt a bit bad for Kyungsoo, and curious too about how Kaisoo ended. But either way, this is a really good read and I really enjoyed it. Thank you the good work!
P.S. I love Junmyeon.
forsteye #8
Chapter 5: Misunderstanding is big. amazing how it can drag on for years without being solved. there is some unsolved cases like kaisoo relationship. but still this story is written well and neatly. good job authornim❤
trymyluck #9
Chapter 5: What a beautiful story.. I love how my tears running down every secs
Chapter 5: I have teared up so much while reading this was so good thank you so much for the effort in making such a good masterpiece.♡