Now You See Me, Now You Don't

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Now You See Me....Now You Don't? 

Park Chanyeol:

has been seeing ghost since his accident up by the mountains when he was young. He fell down a really old enchanted well, Chanyeol could of die but his foot caught onto a vine and his head hit the wall really hard that he was unconscious for about a few hours until his parents called a search team to find him. He woke up because of a lot of people calling his name. He saw some ghosts when he opened his eyes. Chanyeol screamed and the ghosts looked sad as the boy screamed in terror. The screaming made its way towards the search team including his parents. A few years later he got used to the ghost around him and found out he was the only one who could see them. His friends couldn't see them so he kept it a secret to himself.  Soon after the ghosts around him notice a different aura around him and asks him to do things for them so that they can rest in peace. As the nicest guy on the planet, he agrees to help them. He made most of South Korea's ghost population rest in peace. But this one particular ghost is strange to him because at times he could see her and other times he can't? He is determined to find her and make her rest in peace. 


Kwon Jieun:

is unconscious in the hospital due to her accident at school. She used to get bully for a nerd with pretty looks and the queenkas would discriminate her for being a nerd and not joining them since of course queenkas are always the pretty ones. She didn't want to give up who she really is so she decline them. The queenkas were really mad especially the leader who had 3 plastic surgeries due to her thinking of imperfections. So she threaten Jieun many times if she didn't become one of them. Jieun who was stubbornly strong, decline them. The leader of the queenka couldn't take the declining anymore, she was about to drop a flower pot near Jiuen but some guy bumped into the leader and accidently dropping the pot onto Jieun's head, making her bleed and unconscious. She has been hospitalized since then. Its been a year since the accident and she made some progress by her head or her hands moving so the doctors didn't have to pull the plug on her. The leader's parents are paying 80% of the hospital bill since the guy and his friends told the police what happen, while the leader tried to deny it but couldn't since there was witness. 20% is being paid by her ed god father.        


Exo-k = Derp Squad

Chanyeol's best friendssssss~ Especially Baekhyun (The one with the backwards cap) They all don't know of Chanyeol's enhancement of the sixth sense. 



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I'll be making a new story that has nuthing to do with the series



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