Myungyeon #01

◦°°◦ ♪ Kim Myungsoo & Park Jiyeon Short Scenarios/Drabbles ♫ ◦°°◦
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When he returns home from Asia tour to find his wife fast asleep while waiting for him

“FINALLY!” Woohyun screamed in joy when they landed their flight in Incheon.

“LET’S GO HOME NOW!” Sungyeol screamed after and jumped up and down in joy.

“I can’t wait to lie on my bed and hug my bear!” Sungjong too, squealed.

They finally got onto the van with Myungsoo sitting in between Dongwoo and Sungyeol.

“Let’s go to Myungsoo’s house first, I bet he can’t wait to see his newly-wedded wife.” Sunggyu teased and told his manager, the driver.

“That’s right, look at his trembling hands and shaking legs! He’s nervous!” Woohyun giggled and elbowed him, with Sungyeol joining in the fun.

“Aish! Stop making fun of me!” Myungsoo hissed, “But thank you guys, I can’t wait to see my wife. It's been a month.” He laughed in the end with the members laughing along.

“See you guys soon.” Myungsoo waved and got off the van after getting replies from s. He walked towards his house with light steps.

“She must be awake!” He could see the lights on and assumed his wife was awake, waiting for him.

So he walked through the gates and up the steps. After unlocking his front door, he opened the door widely and spread his arms out with his eyes closed, waiting for his wife to pounce onto him.

He waited and waited…

It seemed like 3 minutes had gone.

He frowned and opened his eyes to find his wife but there’s nobody in the living room. He walked further into the house and searched for her but she’s not at the first level.

Feeling slightly disappointed, he began to walk up the stairs to their room with heavy heart. “She must be out there, playing with her friends…”

He released a deep sigh and entered the room with his shoulders slouched.

But his eyes widened at his wife figure on the bed. She was lying on top of the blanket at the foot of the bed, curling herself up into a fetus position.

Myungsoo frowned and walked closer to her. “You’ll catch a cold.”

He kneeled down to her face level and brushed her fringe out of her face to take a good look at his wife.

“Jiyeon-ah…” He whispered softly into her ears and her heavy eyelid opened at once.


Myungsoo giggled at her baby actions and pulled her hands off her face since she’s rubbing her eyes too hard.

“You’ll hurt yourself, Jagiya. Why didn’t you sleep properly? You’ll catch a cold like this.” Myungsoo reprimanded and picked her up swiftly.

Jiyeon snuggled up into his neck and closed her tired eyes with her arms around his neck long ago, “I wanted to wait for you but I fell asleep, I’m sorry.”

Myungsoo placed her under the blanket and pecked her forehead, “silly girl. Wait for me alright? I’ll be back after I wash up, it’ll be fast. And we’ll cuddle.”

Jiyeon hummed a reply with her eyes closed which made him smiled. That’s the feeling he loved.

He did his job in the washroom as fast as possible and went under the blanket after changing into his pajamas.

He wasn’t disappointed when he saw his wife sleeping soundly already. Instead, he knew it would happen.

He brought his sleeping wife into his embrace and d her arms gently, “I miss you so much, baby.”

Jiyeon wrapped her arms around him as a reflex and snuggled up into his chest, “Oppa… I love you.”

Myungsoo laughed silently at her sleep-talk and patted her back gently, “I love you too.”

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ohhhh genial mi pareja preferida
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its myungyeon area,im so happy
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Chapter 8: Love this story.. myungyeon
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Chapter 6: Myungyeon the best ^^
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Chapter 5: Lol... :D
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Chapter 4: Love myungyeon ^_^
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Chapter 3: So sweet
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Chapter 2: Like this story ^^
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Chapter 1: Nice story... ^^
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Chapter 50: this made my day ! ^^ very happy coz u updated authornim :D but at the same time sad becoz it's already completed :((( because seriously this is one of my favorite myungyeon shots <3333.i hope you will open again this myungyeon scenarios drabbles again. short to read but very worth it ! <3 anyways thank you again and again and again. i hope you're not sick of im always saying thank you to you authornim hehehe :D