Canis Lupus

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The brown wolves were infertile, while the white wolves were forbidden to have cubs because of the bad conditions of their land. If they had a child, it would probably die of starvation.

The brown and white wolves were always enemies, but when one of the white wolves gets pregnant of one of the browns, things are set to change.





-Now I need to clarify something. – The leader said seriously. – Kai came to me earlier today, but Sehun was the one who claimed this puppy so… Who is the father?

Kai and Sehun exchanged nervous glances, thinking about how they would explain Suho the situation, but it was Luhan who stepped forward.

-We don’t know. – Said the blonde wolf. His cheeks burned red with the shame, but he didn’t want to lie about it, especially to his new leader. – It can be either of them. (...)




For male pregnancy and light violence

and RATED M in two chapters for mature content 



...also you should be aware that this story is absurd and on crack and I don't even know how it happened, but still, here it is >.< 


A/N: My sister edited that image in the cover, we don't know who it first belonged to, if you know, please let us know, we'll credit the owner accordingly ^^


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