Dorm Room 2012


Kyungsoo has lived a rather simple life. To change this, he decides to live on campus away from his parents where he meets a group of interesting people. From flirts to his weird roomate, Kyungsoo will have to deal with many unique characters while also trying to balance his social and love life.


Kyungsoo - a good natured guy, friendly to all. He is a little shy around Luhan's overly friendly girlfriend.

Kai - Kyungsoo's weird roomate that has a few weird habits that Kyungsoo can't seem to get used to.


Chanyeol - a rather mature guy. He's normally thinking up ways to better himself. He is normally seen reading in the library. More of a bookworm and lacks common knowledge which he looks up on the internet.

Baekhyun - A social butterfly, always smiling and trying to make friends wherever he goes. Is easily manipulated by Chanyeol and easily confused.

Luhan -  described by Suho as a 'busy' man. Chases after any girl he finds y. Most of the girls want him. Currently in a "relationship" with his girlfriend who he calls Lulu.

Sehun - The unlucky freshman who has to share a room with Luhan. He is found normally half asleep holding his pillow outside his own dorm room because of Luhan and Lulu.

Suho - deemed the fountain of knowledge. Likes to help incoming freshman get accustomed to college life even though he is not a RA like Kris. He is normally trying to calm down his roomate Lay who goes off on people for littering and not recycling.

Lay - normally calm and shy, but when it comes to preserving the earth he becomes a completely different person. There seems to be something on his mind, but he never talks about.

Chen - a sarcastic guy and also one of the biggest s of the group. He has a folder of his computer with "videos"  which he named happy time.

Xiumin - a happy-go-lucky guy that doesn't let things bother him... except  for Chen. He's Chen childhood friend who tries to look out for others especially his ed friend.

Kris, the RA for the floor. He tries to keep everyone in check, but usually just rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Normally irritated by the other floormates.

Tao - A last minute admission that is forced to share a room with Kris. usually arguing with Lay because he thinks recyling is stupid. Seems like a badass but has a secret Kris only knows.

Lulu - Luhan's "girlfriend" She has what Luhan calls a 'freshman ' a down to earth girl who finds freshmen adorable.





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