Prove it.

Breakable Heart
A/n: last night i can't sleep. Kept on thinkinf about Yongguk. haish. but let's hope he's fine. :D XOXO. -- Ji Eun walks alone on the street, feeling so weak. She can't believe he slept with some random girl. "Ji Eun?" someone pat her back, she turned "Hyun Woo!" she hugged him tightly "what happened?" he asked while stroking her hair "He slept with other girl." she cried "okok. Don't cry..." Hyun Woo calmed her down "How could he do this to me." she can't stop her feeling "Hey, he's a jerk for hurting a sweet girl like you." Hyun Woo said " Hyun Woo, can you follow me to his house? I going to stay with Ji Yeon, so i want to take some of my stuff." Ji Eun said while pulling away from him "why Ji Yeon? Why dont you go back to Seung Gi Hyung house?" Hyun Woo asked "Well, Oppa is going to kill him if he knows. Beside, Yongguk wilk found me if i go back there." Ji Eun explained "Okay! But let's eat first." Hyun Woo said. -- After having their meal, they went to Yongguk house. "You wait here." Ji Eun said "Nae..." Hyun Woo nodded. Slowly she walked inside the house "Ji Eun!" Yongguk grabbed her wrist "Let me go!" She pulled her wrist "Babe please don't leave me." He begged, she ignored him and enter the bedroom, pull out a luggage from the closet and shove her clothes inside "baby please... I can't live without you. I really can't." he hugged her from the back "Get off me!" she pushed him"Oppa is right! You're a bastard!" she scolded, he crashed his lips on her lips " I love you baby." he said between the kiss, she pushed him and carried her luggage "Prove it then." Ji Eun said and left. -- Ji Eun Hyun Woo arrived at Ji Yeon house "Thanks for sending me here." Ji Eun said "Welcome. That's what friend are for." Hyun Woo said " Oh! Ji Eun?" Ji Yeon appeared on the front door "Oh Ji Yeon. Can i stay with you?" Ji Eun asked "Of course." Ji Yeon nodded Wait. Are you going somewhere?" Ji Eun asked while looking at Ji Yeon that's wearing short dress "Club. Wanna come?" Ji Yeon asked "Sure!" she agreed "Hyun Woo let's go together!" Ji Eun invited "Oh? Hyun Woo?" Ji Yeon look to the right "OMG!" Ji Yeon hugged him "Marshmallow!" Ji Yeon pinched hus cheeks and giggled "Ya! Stop it!" Hyun Woo pouted. "I'm going inside to change my clothes." Ji Eun said "Nae!' they replied and Ji Yeon continued pinching Hyun Woo. -- "Yongguk! You had enough. Let's go home." Himchan pulled his arm "Just few more bottles." Yongguk said "Ya! You had 6 bottles. That's enough!" Himchan said "Woo Hoo!" suddenly they heard a familiar voice. they searched for it and saw Ji Eun dancing and kissing someone else "Dafuq?!" Yongguk stood up walk towards Ji Eun which still dancing on the floor "Lee Ji Eun!" he pulled her wrist "let me go!" she pulled away "You're drunk." Yongguk said "I know. And I'm definately not sleeping with you tonight." she smirked and continue dancing "Pabo!" He carried her bridal style. "Ya!" she slapped his chest, they arrived outside "let me down!" she shouted. He slowly puts her down, once her feet stepped on the floor "Pang!" she slapped him right on the face "Who do you think you are? You're not my boyfriend anymore! You can t control my life like you used too." she scolded, hugged her tightly "I know i hurt you many times. But I love you. I can't live without you. Watching you kissing someone else make me realise how stupid I was when i start making out with that girl." he said she pulled away "It's not enough. I need prove." she said "Give me time. I promise you I prove it to you." Yongguk said "You promise me alot of things Yongguk. And look how we end up?" she said and trace his face with her fingers "Just prove it to me whenever you want to." Ji Eun said and left.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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