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Yongguk and Jieun known each other for years, they enjoy watching the moonlight together. Admiring the beautiful night scenery together on top of a hill. One day, everything changed. The spiritful Jieun lost her way to her happy ending when her parents divorced. The beautiful moonlight that she once admired watched the tears fall down her cheeks everynight. Yongguk feels guilty as he couldn't stop the tears from her eyes falling. He determined to make her happy once again but will he succeed? 


Hi guys! I decided to write a new story. I hope you guys would love this story as much as you guys love the other stories I wrote. I will try my best to finish my old stories. Thank you for your support and love. 

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Chapter 2: Just found your story. I love IU but I am not familiar with Yongguk. The story is interesting though. I hope you will continue with this. Looking forward to your updates soon. Thanks