Breakable Heart
A/n: Ummm... Baby Yoo Geun has arrived!!! Hope you guys like it. XOXO. -- "What? babysitting Yoo Geun?" Ji Eun widened her eyes, Yoo Geun is Yongguk cousin. "Nae! why?" Yongguk asked "oh! nothing." Ji Eun forced a smiles. "ding dong." the door bell rang "oh! they're here!" Yongguk walks towards the door followed by Ji Eun. -- "Oh Yoo Geun ah! please stop crying." Ji Eun hugged Yoo Geun. he won't stop crying since his mom walks out the door "Yoo Geun-a be a good boy huh?" she carried him around the house, she even made a funny face but still won't work "Omma!" Yoo Geun keeps on crying "Aegyo... Yoo Geun-a..." Yongguk took him from from Ji Eun "Did Ji Eun Noona disturbed you?" Yongguk tickled his body, Yoo Geun giggled "Let's watch tv together huh!?" Yongguk carried him to the couch. "Haish! baby hates me." Ji Eun sighed and walks towards the kitchen washing the dishes "But I love you." Yongguk whispered while wrapping his arms around her waist "I'm going to be a bad Omma." she sighed, Yongguk turned her body around "don't say that. you'll be a great omma." Yongguk cheers her up "Hyung... Noona..." Yoo Geun called, Yongguk turned "I want ramen..." Yoo Geun rubbed his stomach "Nae, Noona will make you some ramen." Ji Eun said. -- After playing, Yoo Geun fell asleep. Ji Eun and Yongguk walk towards the bedroom "Haish... i'm so tired." Ji Eun sighed "me too." Yongguk said and dropped himself on the couch, Ji Eun sat on his lap and lay his head on his chest "Imagine if we have kids. God!" Ji Eun sighed "Ya don't say that! we'll work it together." Yongguk said "Nae Oppa!" Ji Eun pressed her lips on his and pull away "You taste sweet." Ji Eun giggled "shut up! Yongguk pulled her and kissed her passionately "ding dong." the door bell rang, Ji Eun pushed him "It must be ahjuma." she said and stood up "I'll go get Yoo Geun, you get the door Ji Eun said. -- After Yoo Geun and omma left "I'm going to take a shower." Ji eun said but suddenly Yongguk pulled her wrist and pinned her on the wall "where were we?" Yongguk asked and start kissing her, she pushed him "Oppa! I really need a bath!" Ji Eun pouted "You can do it later." Yongguk said and kissed her again.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
kpopluva3838 #2
Chapter 42: Complete life of YongGuk~~
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Chapter 41: Wah, happy ending.. Daebak.. My bias got a happy life..
Chapter 41: Daebaaaaaaaaaaaak! :'D *sobbing*
Chapter 40: told u jieun it was a sweet! Can't wait for next chapter update! Fighting!
Chapter 39: Ish, please please please go back k? T_T yongguk & Ji eun is the match sweet couple or whatever T_T
Chapter 39: a chance?! are u giving him a chance jieun-ah? Chicha? Oh can't wait for next chapter update! Fighting for next chapter update~
Chapter 38: i feel there will be some drama coming up. fighting for next chapter update!
Chapter 37: nicely done. nice decision jieun-ah! fighting for next chapter! :D