Second Chances

Breakable Heart
A/n: i hope you guys are okay with Lee Seung Gi being Ji Eun's brother. And Suzy being his wife. XOXO. -- They arrived at home "Yeobo." Suzy opened the door "Oh! Ji Eun?" Ji Eun hugged Suzy, Suzy is her best friend and also her sister-in-law "Suzy-a..." she cried "what happened?" Suzy asked and hugged her back but Ji Eun didn't answered "I'll tell you later." Seung Gi said and pat Ji Eun shoulder "Ji Eun go to your room." Seung Gi said. -- Late at night, Ji Eun sit besides the window, the memories of Yongguk starts playing, she smiled but then the memories of Yongguk slapping her made her cried. "Ji Eun!" she heard someone calling from the outside, it was Yongguk. She quickly pull her curtains and walks to her bed "Lee Ji Eun please come out!" he shoutes, she ignores him and cover herself with the blankets "Ji Eun-ssi." Suzy pulled her blankets "Go talk to him before your brother woke up." Suzy said. -- "Ji Eun!" Yongguk shakes the gate but still no sign of Ji Eun "Lee Ji Eun!" he called again and he saw the front door opened "Go away Yongguk!" she shouted "Ji Eun please don't do this. Please." he begged "I'm sorry but i can't take it anymore. You hurt me enough Yongguk." she said "Please just go..." Ji Eun begged "I love you babe and i'm not going until you listened to me." Yongguk insists "whatever Yongguk. Do want you want to do. I don't care anymore." she said and walks inside the house. -- Ji Eun took out her phone and called Himchan "Oppa! Yongguk is in front of my brother's house. Please take him away." Ji Eun said "Nae i'll be there." Himchan said. -- A few minutes "Yongguk let's go home." Himchan pulled his arms "No, i want to talk to her first. I have to. I don't want to lose her." Yongguk insists "come on Yongguk, we'll see her tomorrow." Himchan said "Okay fine!" Yongguk agreed. At the other side, Ji Eun was relief that he is gone. -- The next day, Ji Eun wanted to go out for a jog, when she stepped out the gate, "Morning baby." it was Yongguk showing his gummy smiles while holding a boquet of roses "I don't want to see you." she pushed hin aside "I miss you baby." he hugged her from the back "No!" she pushed him "You promise me not to hurt me again. You don't even listened to a word i said. You know i only love you. But you don't believe me. You let your emotion get through you." she cried, he pulled her into his arms "I'm sorry, but i was stress because of the practice. I can't think straight. I didn't mean to hurt you. I love you baby. Always." he whispered "I love you too." she kiss his chest. -- "Okay fine! But one more time you hurt her, i'll make sure you'll never see her again. NEVER!" Seung Gi said it clearly "Nae Hyung." Yongguk nodded.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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Chapter 41: Daebaaaaaaaaaaaak! :'D *sobbing*
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