I wished you were here

Breakable Heart
A/n: here's another chapter. XOXO. -- "Uncle!" Maden and Mavin jumped out of the car after they saw Seung Gi waiting for them at the front door. "Aigoo my babies!" Seung Gi hugged both of them, Ji Eun chuckled and took out the luggage from the car. Suzy helps her with the luggage. Seung Gi was unable to picked them up from the airport so he sent Suzy. -- After they had luch together, Maden and Mavin sit at the living room, talking to Seung Gi, "So Hyun Woo is not coming?" Suzy asked while they were cleaning the kitchen "He's busy with photoshoot and stuff like that." she replied while washing the dishes "Oh..." Suzy nodded "Ji Eun-ah..." Suzy called, "Nae?" she turned to her "Don't you want to know how's Yongguk doing?" Suzy asked "Neyh! I'm sure he's doing just fine with girls around him." Ji Eun said. Suzy tried to say something but she decided to kept quiet. -- "Are you sure you don't want to come along?" Seung Gi asked, Ji Eun nodded "Well, okay then." Seung Gi nodded. "Omma! Don't worry, we'll tell appa you missed him." Mavin said while waving, Ji Eun forced a smile "Bye omma!" Maden and Mavin waved and get inside the car. -- Yongguk was laying weakly on the bed, the room was full with noises. he looks around and realise he wasn't in his room. "Hyung!" Zelo appeared " You're awake?" he gave him a big smiled, the others surrounded him "We told you to get enough rest." Himchan said with his worried looks "Hyung, have you eat anything past few days?" Daehyun asked, he just gave them his gummy smile "Hyung..." they don't know what to say. Then the room door was opened "Appa!" two little boys running towards Yongguk, Zelo lift them up and place them at Yongguk bed "Appa!" they hugged him and pulled away "Appa are you sick?" Mavin asked, Yongguk thoughts he was dreaming, he closed his eyes and opened it, they both were still looking at him "Appa, we missed you." Maden said "My sons!" he trace their face "My babies!" he pulled them and hugged them tightly. "I missed you guys more." he kissed their forehead. Slowly letting them go, he looks around. There were no sign of her. Just Seungi Gi and the rest of B.A.P "Where's omma?" Yongguk asked them "Omma didn't come. She said she was too tired." Mavin said, Yongguk nodded "I wished you were here." Yongguk sighed.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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