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Breakable Heart
A/n: is my fanfic getting boring cause i lost a lot of subcribers. :'( well, enjoy reading XOXO. -- "Look! Omma is in magazine." Maden said while showing Mavin "Omma is so pretty." Mavin said "Yongguk appa must be proud of Omma." Maden said "Nae.." Mavin nodded and look down. "Maden, i miss Yongguk Appa." Mavin said "I miss appa too.." Maden said "Is it true appa and omma won't be together anymore?" Mavin asked "why did you said that?" Maden asked "because omma always said to Hyun Woo appa that she is never going back to a jerk like Yongguk appa." Mavin said and started to cry "I don't want appa and omma to hate each other." Mavin said "Mavin-a appa is not a jerk. Let's just tell omma we miss Yongguk appa and really want to see him." Maden suggested "Nae..." Mavin agreed. -- "Yeobo!" Suzy ran towards Seung Gi and shove a magazine to Seung Gi "What is the meaning of this?" Seung Gi asked "Look! It's Ji Eun!" Suzy said, Seung Gi took the magazine "Aigoo. My sister, she's all grown up now." Seung Gi said proudly "Nae, I'm so proud of her." Suzy said while clapping her hands "She must be really happy right now. Hyun Woo really is something huh? He really changed Ji Eun life." Seung Gi said, Suzy nodded. -- "Noona is so pretty." Zelo said while turning the magazine pages. It was full with Ji Eun photos "I'm so proud of Noona." Jongup said "Me too." Zelo said "She must be really happy now huh?" Daehyun said "yeah. She must be. She's a top model now." Youngjae said "Looking at Noona's photos make me miss Maden and Mavin." Jongup said "Yeah. I miss them too. They used to come here and played with us. But things changed now." Daehyun said "If hyung..." Zelo was about to said something but he stopped because Yongguk and Himchan arrived "if hyung what?" Yongguk asked "Nothing." Zelo said, "oh! Let me see that." Yongguk said and took the magazine from Zelo. "Isn't that Ji Eun?" Himchan asked "Nae, noona is a model now." Jongup said "She's really fine without me." Yongguk said and forced a smile. -- "You look so pretty in those pictures." Hyun Woo said "Haish! Cheesy!" Ji Eun slapped his arm "Hey, I'm telling the truth." Hyun Woo defended "Whatever!" Ji Eun look away "You know, the kids start missing Yongguk." Hyun Woo said "Ya, i know. Mavin won't stop calling Yongguk name in his sleep." Ji Eun said "So what are you going to do?" Hyun Woo asked "I don't know. Because right now. I'm just fine without him." Ji Eun said.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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