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Breakable Heart
A/n: I accidently pressed rated M for the last chapter. don't worried i edit it already :D. Btw to my commenters, omg you guys made me smile everything i read your comments. You guys make me want to updates everyday. THANK YOU! Enjoy the next chapter XOXO. -- Two months later, Yongguk changed, he always get drunk. Other memver of B.A.P are worried about him. Whenever they paid him a visit, they always saw Yongguk holding a bottle of beer. "Hyung, you really need to stop. Getting drunk won't solve you problem." Daehyun said "His right. You're making it worst." Youngjae said "Shut the up! What do you guys know?" he asked while shoving the beer bottle inside his mouth "Yes we don't know anything. But there's one thing we know. We know that you screwed the up and cause you lost your kids and the most important person in your life, Lee Ji Eun!" Himchan said. Yongguk glared at him, he was boiling up, he was clenching on his fist "You want to punched me? Go ahead if that will make Ji Eun and your kids come back." Himchan said, Yongguk look away, picture of him and Ji Eun hugging are still hanging on the wall, he can't help but cried "Yes i ed up! But i didn't meant to." Yongguk said, their jaw dropped while watching Yongguk wipping his tears away "Hyung..." Zelo pat his shoulder "There's always second chances." Zelo said "Well guess what Zelo? She gave me a lot of chances. But still I hurt her. Still I made her cried. And now she's gone. She and my kids. " Yongguk cried. "Hyung, no matter how pain she felt, she'll always forgive you. Because she loves you." Jongup said "No, i can't disturb her anymore. I can't disturb them. I can only hurt them. It's better if I just back off." Yongguk said "Hyung.." "No. Guys let's get ready for our comeback. Let's just move on." Yongguk cutted Daehyun off . They all look to each other and nodded.-- Ji Eun started her carreer as a model 2 days ago after Hyun Woo introduced her to a model agency. Hey! Even though she gave birth to twins she still looks stunning. It was Sunday. They were chilling at the park "Hyun Woo appa!" Maden sat on Hyun Woo laps "Yes son?" Hyun Woo asked "Do you love omma?" Maden asked, Hyun Woo looks to Ji Eun and smiled "Yes, I love Omma." Hyun Woo replied "Omma I told you Hyun Woo appa loves you." Maden said ans gave her a winked "hey where did you learned that?" Ji Eun asked "From Appa." Maden replied "Hyun Woo?" Ji Eun pointed at Hyun Woo "Ani... Appa. Yongguk appa." Maden replied "Nae omma. Appa tought us how to get a girlfriend too." Mavin said, hearing Yongguk's name makes her breathless but she tries to control herself "Well you can't have a girlfriend now. Because you are still underage." Ji Eun said and pat their head Now go play." Ji Eun said, they nodded and rub towards the playground. After they're gone, Ji Eun took a deep breathe "are you okay?" Hyun Woo asked "Nae, I'm okay." Ji Eun replied "You must be missing him." Hyun Woo said, "no!" she denied "Why would I miss him?" Ji Eun questioned "Well ask yourself." Hyun Woo replied and look at othe direction. "Why would I miss him?" she thoughts. -- "Okay! 5, 6, 7, 8. Only one shot only one shot..." B.A.P practiced really hard for the next comeback "okay, 5 minutes break." Yonggum said and stop the music. "Hyung!" Daehyun pat his shoulder "I'm proud of you." Daehyun smiled "Thanks." Yongguk said.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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