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Breakable Heart
A/n: I hate making Ji Eun suffer. haish. Enjoy XOXO. -- Ji Eun took Maden and Mavin from school "Omma!" they hugged her "babies." she kissed their forehead, she tries to hold her tears but failed "Omma.." Maden wiped her tears "Omma don't cry." Mavin and Maden hugged her "Omma, don't cry. We're here." They kissed her cheeks "Omma, did appa makes you cry?" Maden asked "Baby, let's go. We're going to see Uncle Seung Gi and Aunty Suzy." Ji Eun said "Yeay!" they jumped excitedly. "Is appa coming?" Mavin asked, she looks away "Appa is not coming. He's busy." Ji Eun lied. -- "Are you happy now?" Yongguk pinned Hyomin to the wall "Yes! I am!" she replied "!" Yongguk wanted to slapped her but he couldn't "Why? Scared?" Hyomin asked "No!" Yongguk denied "Oh I know." Hyomin pulled him closer "You still love me don't you." she tried to kissed him but she pushed her "No I don't! Now get the out my house and leave me alone!" Yongguk yelled. "I will never leave you baby. I love you." Hyomin said "Crazy !" Yongguk scolded and went out from the house "Ji Eun please come back." -- They arrived at Seung Gi's house "Oppa!" Ji Eun hugged Seung Gi as her tears start to fall, "Let's go inside and talk." Seung Gi said. -- "What? That..." Seung Gi was about to cursed Yongguk but Ji Eun covered his mouth "I have kids with me." Ji Eun said "Sorry. I'm too emotional." Seung Gi said. Maden and Mavin smiled "Sorry." Seung Gi apologised "It's okay." Ji Eun said "So.. What is your plan now?" Seung Gi asked "I- I don't know." Ji Eun shook his head "Useless Yongguk. You know if Hyun Woo knows about this. He will regret his decisions." Seung Gi said "What do you mean?" Ji Eun asked "Well, he tried to you on purpose so that you will go back to Yongguk and be happy with him. He sacrafices his love just so you can be happy. And now I'm sure he'll regret it." Seung Gi "Omo. Well do you know where he's now?" Ji Eun asked "he went back to New York." Seung Gi replied, Ji Eun nodded, "I think I now what's my next step is." Ji Eun said and look at her babies "Maden, Mavin. We're going to New York."
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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