Annoying Mr. Bang

Breakable Heart
a/n: here's another chapter, enjoy. -- 5 months later, Yonghuk had been spending a lot of time at house. Ji Eun started to get annoyed cause she can't do anything when he's around. Like typical morning, Ji Eun was walking down the stairs.It's her check-up day. "Aigoo, Ji Eun be careful. You have human living inside you." Yongguk said. Ji Eun glared at him "Don't glared at me like that!" Yongguk carried her bridal style "Ya Bang Yongguk. Put me down." Ji Eun slapped his cheast "Not until we reached the couch." Yongguk said. Then he gently placed her on the couch "Sit there and don't go anywhere ." He said and ran upstair "Where the heck is he going?" Ji Eun asked and wrapped her in front of her "Your dad is a weirdo." She told her tummy. She was thirsty, she decided to walk to the kitchen to have some drink. Yongguk was walking downstairsHe's going to accompany Ji Eun to the hospital. The moment he reached downstairs, Ji Eun is not at the living room "Ji Eun!" He called in panic "in the kitchen." Ji Eun replied. He ran towards the kitchen, Ji Eun was washing the dishes "Ji Eun!" He grabbed her wrist, she startled and dropped the plate she was holding inside the sink "Ya Bang Yongguk! Look what you had done!" Ji Eun scolded her and tried to reached for plate "Don't!" Yongguk stopped her "I told you not to go anywhere." Yongguk said, she pulled her wrist from him "I was thirsty! So i went to the kitchen. But then I saw the dishes inside the sink. You know how much i hate dirty dishes." Ji Eun replied and start walking out from the kitchen but then Yongguk hold her shoulder, guiding her to the front door. -- After the check-up, they got back home, sitting on the couch "Now that I know we're having twins. I should take care of you more. You're carrying two people inside you. Amazing." Yongguk said and wrapped his arm around her waist "Ya pabo! Are you saying that I can't take care of them?" Ji Eun offended "No. It's just. People like Hyomin would take advantage to hurt you." Yongguk said "Aigoo. I know how to take care of myself and the baby. Don't worry okay?" Ji Eun convince him, Yongguk knelt down at kissed her big tummy "Aigoo. Your omma is so stubborn." Yongguk poked her tummy "Ya!" Ji Eun smacked his head "Don't poke my baby!' Ji Eun said Yongguk stood up "Haish! I was just playing with them." Yongguk said and wrapped his arm in front of him, doing his sulking face. "Aigoo.." Ji Eun hugged him "My big baby..." she kissed his cheeks "Baby-a. Your appa can't even play with you." Yongguk said in a sad tone. "Baby... Don't be sad." Ji Eun kiss his cheeks again "I'm sorry." Ji Eun said while laying on his cheast. Yongguk still won't talk "Baby-a. Please don't be stubborn and annoying like your appa." Ji Eun said while rubbing her baby bump "I'm not stubborn." Yongguk denied and gently pulled Ji Eun body to lay on his lap. She smiled "Baby. i want..." she pointed her lips "Aigoo... Baby-a. your omma is so naughty." Yongguk smirked "Hey! I was just asking for a kiss." Ji Eun pouted "Okok." Yongguk lean closer and gave her a kiss.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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