Mango Mango!

Breakable Heart
A/n: So i just found out Yongguk deletrd his IG account. Yeah. I hate him. Psst. Here's new chapter. XOXO -- Yongguk came back home "Ji Eun a..." Yongguk called, but no one answered "Ji Eun?" Yongguk searched around the house. No sign of Ji Eun "Ji Eun where did you go?" -- Ji Eun walk alone on the lonely streets "Mango? I want mango!" she pouted. Then her phone rang, she saw Yongguk name appears on the screen "Haish!" Ji Eun rejected his call and put her phone back in her pockets. "I want mango! I want mango!" She sang while walking. Suddenly 2 guy appeared in front of her "Hey there young lady." one of them said "O'o I'm dead!" She thoughts -- "This girl!" Yongguk started wandering around the town with his car, looking for Ji Eun. But then he saw a girl running away from two guy "Ji Eun?!" Yongguk drive parked his car and come out from the car "Ji Eun!" Yongguk called "Yongguk!" Ji Eun ran towards him and hugged him "Get inside the car now and locked it!" Yongguk commands, Ji Eun ran and get inside the car, she quickly locked. -- "C'mon dude! Let us have her for a few minutes." One of the guy said, Yongguk punched him "Don't dare to touch ma girl!" Yongguk warned, the other guy punched him and 3 of them keep on punching each other. -- Ji Eun was scared she won't dare to watched, "knock knock!" Someone knock the window fron driver seat, Ji Eun quickly unlocked the car after seeing Yongguk face. He quickly entered and locked the car "Baby you're bleeding." Ji Eun said, tried to touch his wounds spots but he slapped her hands away "Let's just go home." Yongguk said in an angry tone. -- When they arrived home, Ji Eun saw a plastic of mango on the floor "Mango!" She jumped like a kid and dragged the plastic to the kitchen "Mango mango!" She sang while pealing the mango. Yongguk shook his head, she totally forget about Yongguk's injuries. "Ehem!" Yongguj clear his throat, Ji Eun look at him. "This?" Yongguk pointed his wounds "Do it yourself! I want to tale a look just now but you slaped my hand away." Ji Eun said and continue enjoying her mangoes. Yongguk felt guilty and gave her a back hugged "I'm sorry. I'm just mad. Do you really need to eat different things every midnight?" Yongguk asked "Hey don't blame me. Blame the baby." Ji Eun said "Baby?" Yongguk brok the hugged, Ji Eun covered "Crap!" She thoughts, Yongguk turned her around facing hin "Did you just said baby?" Yongguk asked "No!" she denied a look away "Babe, are you pregnant?" Yongguk asked "Aa... I-I.." Ji Eun hesitated to tell him, he grabbed her arm and shook her body "Ji Eun! Tell me!" he forced "Yes! I'm pregnant!" she replied, he let her go "Why didn't you tell me?" Yongguk asked "I'm afraid you might leave me." Ji Eun look down on the floor. "Baby..." He slowly pulled her chin up "I will never leave you." he said then hugged her "I love you okay?" he added, her tears began to fall. She hugged him back "I love you too. Sorry I doubted you." she said.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
kpopluva3838 #2
Chapter 42: Complete life of YongGuk~~
Chapter 41: awwwwwwwwwwwww sweet! yah yongguk that was a sweet proposal! *wipe tears* am so happy for the both of them!
Chapter 41: Wah, happy ending.. Daebak.. My bias got a happy life..
Chapter 41: Daebaaaaaaaaaaaak! :'D *sobbing*
Chapter 40: told u jieun it was a sweet! Can't wait for next chapter update! Fighting!
Chapter 39: Ish, please please please go back k? T_T yongguk & Ji eun is the match sweet couple or whatever T_T
Chapter 39: a chance?! are u giving him a chance jieun-ah? Chicha? Oh can't wait for next chapter update! Fighting for next chapter update~
Chapter 38: i feel there will be some drama coming up. fighting for next chapter update!
Chapter 37: nicely done. nice decision jieun-ah! fighting for next chapter! :D