Don't touch me.

Breakable Heart
A/n: here's another chapter. Enjoy. XOXO. -- Yongguk came back and didn't saw Ji Eun "Where is she?" Yongguk scracthes his head. -- Ji Eun ran back home "Oppa!" Ji Eun shouted "Wae Wae Wae?" Seung Gi and Suzy run downstairs "It is true? Did Yongguk me?" Ji Eun asked, Suzy and Seungi Gi look at each other "Answer me!" she shouted "Ye.. Yes.." Seung Gi shattered "That bastard! Why didn't anyone tell me?" she questioned, they look down on the floor "Forget it! I don't ever want to see him again!" she screamed and stomped upstairs, Suzy hugged Seung Gi tightly "She changed." Suzy said "I know." Seung Gi nodded. -- "Bastard!" Ji Eun threw her bag on the bed "Why am I still with him?" she asked suddenly her phone rang. She took it out, Yongguk's name appeared at the screen "Bastard!" she picked it up "Stay the ing away from me!" she shouted and hung up. -- "Ji Eun!" Yongguk called but she hung up. "What did I do?" Yongguk asked. -- A few days later, Ji Eun craving for Ice-cream. She went out and walk alone "Ji Eun!" someone called, she turned and saw Yongguk "Stay away from me! Rapper!" She shouted and turned to walk, Yongguk grabbed her hands "How do you know?" Yongguk asked "DON'T TOUCH ME!" she shouted and pushed him, Yongguk hugged her "I'm sorry." Yongguk said while stroking her hair, she pushed him "Don't show your face in front of me ever again!" she warned and left
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
kpopluva3838 #2
Chapter 42: Complete life of YongGuk~~
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Chapter 41: Wah, happy ending.. Daebak.. My bias got a happy life..
Chapter 41: Daebaaaaaaaaaaaak! :'D *sobbing*
Chapter 40: told u jieun it was a sweet! Can't wait for next chapter update! Fighting!
Chapter 39: Ish, please please please go back k? T_T yongguk & Ji eun is the match sweet couple or whatever T_T
Chapter 39: a chance?! are u giving him a chance jieun-ah? Chicha? Oh can't wait for next chapter update! Fighting for next chapter update~
Chapter 38: i feel there will be some drama coming up. fighting for next chapter update!
Chapter 37: nicely done. nice decision jieun-ah! fighting for next chapter! :D