Breakable Heart
A/n: My phone battery are getting low. :0 this is maybe the last chapter I'll update for today. XOXO -- "Wow! you guys were amazing!" Ji Eun praised after B.A.P finished their Live On Earth concert "Thanks noona." Zelo smiled "Yongguk..." Hyomin clung onto Yongguk and start making her cute face. Zelo look at Ji Eun "Yuck!" Zelo tuck out his tounge "She's disgusting." Daehyun shake his head "Ya Hyomin! Please stop it. We're having stomache!" Himchan said and they pretended to be sick "Jealous!" Hyomin pouted and kiss Yongguk on the lips. Ji Eun shocked and look away. Yongguk quickly pushed her aside and look at Ji Eun, she look sad "Ya Hyomin. If I'm admitted to the hospital. I'll sue you!" Daehyun said and look at Ji Eun "Ignore that devil. she's trying to make you jelous." Daehyun whispered. "Noona. Hyung asked sais he's going to wait for you at the car parked in 10 more minutes." Jongup whispered, she nodded. -- Ji Eun waited for Yongguk at the car park "Princess..." a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and kissed her cheeks, she looked away "oh... Don't be mad.." Yongguk whispered "Pabo." she smirked and turned to him " Hyun Woo's coming back tomorrow night." Ji Eun said and hugged him "Well I'm going back Korea tomorrow." Yonghuk sighed "Let's spend the night together tonight." Ji Eun said "Let's go then." They both get into the car. -- "where's Yongguk?" Hyomin asked "Do we look like we're his guard?" Daehyun replied "I saw him with another girl just now." Youngjae said "uuu... Hyung is going to bang another girl again." Zelo teased "Ya! Stop it!" Hyomin pissed off and went out "Yongguk where are you?" Hyomin rubbed her forehead. but then she saw Yongguk and Ji Eun get in to a car "That !" She stompped her feet and stop a taxi and get in "Follow that car!" Hyomin pointed to the car. -- Yongguk and Ji Eun stopped at the Madison Square "It's beautiful here." Yongguk said "I know right." She giggled and suddenly someone pulled her hair and make her turned "You !" Hyomin slappes her face, Ji Eun startled and look at Yongguk "Ya Hyomin!" Yongguk pushed her away from Ji Eun "Yongguk! Me or her?" Hyomin asked, Yongguk looked at Ji Eun "Yongguk!" Hyomin shook his body "You... I choose you." Yongguk said then Hyomin pulled his arm "You hear that ? Better stay away from Yongguk or I'll kill you!" She yelled and left "I'm sorry." Yongguk said "It's okay. Go." Ji Eun replied and left.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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Chapter 41: Wah, happy ending.. Daebak.. My bias got a happy life..
Chapter 41: Daebaaaaaaaaaaaak! :'D *sobbing*
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