My Fake Girlfriend


So this is Yoo Seungho and Park Jiyeon Fanfic!!!! I hope that you'll like it!!!! i love this Couple!!!! YEONHO COUPLE!!!! ~♥


 Yoo Seungho and Kim Jaekyung's Mothers are BestFriend
So when they are Young their Mothers Promise that when they turn 18 yrs old they will get married.
But when they turn 18 yrs old  and they Knew the News
Seungho get Angry because Jaekyung is not the type of a girl that he likes.... he likes Jaekyung as a friend only.
But when Jaekyung Hear the news she is happy because she will get married to Seungho.
She really likes Seungho when they are young until now.....
So now Seungho is planning how to Stop the wedding.
But he can't think an idea......
But When he meets Park Jiyeon he has an Idea to Stop the wedding and the plan is Jiyeon is going to be his Fake Girlfriend....
he will lie say to his Mother and Jaekyung's Mother that he loves someone and it was Jiyeon
but not to long He feels like he Fall in love with Jiyeon
everytime he sees Jiyeon and Lee Joon his BFF he feel Jealous 
But Jiyeon likes Lee Joon.....
Can Seungho and Jiyeon will stop the Wedding or Seungho and Jaekyung will still be get married?
Jiyeon likes Lee Joon.... Seungho likes Jiyeon....  But can Jiyeon fall to Seungho or she will Still Love Lee Joon?
Yoo Seungho:
Park Jiyeon:
Kim JaeKyung:
Lee Joon:
Hope You'll like the Plot of The Story... ^^ ( sorry for my bad english... XD)


This is my First ever Fanfic!!!!

This is about Yoo Seungho and Park Jiyeon!!!! They are my favorite Couple!!!! 

so Hope You'll like my Story!!!! ^_^

Seungho and Jiyeon Forever!

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kirahlim #1
Chapter 18: its already 2016, but no updates ?
Chapter 18: plsss update fast i love your story
New reader here.. Love the story..Please update soon..
it's lee joon
seokyu25 #5
its seungho i guess so ? :) but maybe lee joon :)
It's leejoon right ? XD
i think it is lee joon who helped her...:))
just my guess...

and my favorite word is STUPID...kekeke...not in a bad way...just my recent word expression...:))

--update soon...:))
143miracle #8
update soon! i like this couple!
please update soon. ^^

BTW, your story is really interesting. I can't wait for the next chapter ^^
Love the fanfics , but may you update now .