We dont fight, we are just having a heated discussion. [DISCONTINUED]


You and your twin brother, Song Eric, got a trainee offer from JYPE from auditioning at LA. You both accepted it and flew to Korea. But you accepted it just because of your brother since he couldn't live without you. 

There, on the flight you met 2pm's Ok Taecyeon but it's not a really good start as you and him were arguing over a toilet. You didn't know that he's an idol aka your "dearest" sunbaenim.  Your story goes around you practing for your debut. Dancing yeayy! singing hell no! You practice your off as perfection is your middle name.  And between you debuting and 2pm activities, you and Taecyeon always had the time to have heated discussion. It not fighting you and him said. Little that you realised later he is your childhood crush.  I mean Taecyeon gives you banana when he is proposing when you were little. Kids nowadays. T_T. Your push and pull condition continues even after you both found out about your childhood friendship. 2pm member and Eric got sick with it so come up with a plan.

What will happened next? Read it if you wanna know : p 



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Song Emilie (You) 1994

Tomboy and caring.

Called dancing prince because you looked really cool when you dance.

Piss is your food but getting angry is a no-no. When you get too angry, you will cry. And again no-no.

Been dancing since you was six.

good at cooking because food is your passion!

have a black belt in taekwando because of you almost incident when you were little.

Main dancer and lead rapper. Half chinese and half american.

training years= 3.

random facts= love banana , food and white

Lee Hee Ro (Hiro, fictional) 1991

Leader of XXY (your becoming group).

A witty prankster.

was cold towards you at first but later love to tease you 

Very leader-like when he have too. but when he is more maknae than you

Little less good in dancing that Emilie.

Gentleman. Korean.

1st lead dancer and main rapper.

training years=4

random facts= talk in his sleep. even introduce himself one self like in a show, love to show off his leader-like on a variety show

Song Eric (your twin brother) 1994

He loves you so much,

love skin care product so much, (not a gay okay?)

neat and tidy,

he tends to be protective over you,

not quite the independent without you,

he dance quite well thanks to you,

good vocal, 2nd lead dancer, main vocal.

training years=3

random facts= your number one fan of your cooking, like to aegyo, and singing trot songs

Park Jin-Ah 1992

She is blessed with beautiful voice, body and face, total package.

Except for her bad attitude.

But she still have her good side.

She always want things to be done in her own way, later soften up.

Photogenic and girly.

Main vocal.

training year=3 1/2 years

random facts= love pink, doesnt wash her face after show, sleeps easily, 

Han Min Min 1993

Cute and bubbly.

always so bright, make people feel so comfortable who is around her.

always smile on even when she is sad.

Good at aegyo as people called her fake maknae.

Have a pair of big adorable, shining eyes.

good at variety shows

Sub vocal, sub dancer.

training year=4

random facts= love to dress you up, always tried so hard to improve her skill; singing and dancing



Ok Taecyeon

Your childhood friend, you only realised it until later


likes to sleep,

dorky in a kind way of adorable,

having heated discussion with him is pleasuring to him


Kim Junsu

always appear so cool on camera,

off camera he is sneaky,

caring about you.



love dancing and teach you a lot about dancing,

popping, locking, robotic dance you name it.

love to tease about you and Taecyeon being 'lovebird'


Wooyoung, Junho, Nickhun as themselves (i think XD)

Son Na Eun

your classmate,

helps you a lot in school like always been there for you,

teach you how to be more presentable,

your first bestfriend in korea

( Min min interrupt: Then, what makes me to Emilie.

Emilie= my favoritest unnie

Min min squel)



Your brother bestfriend,

He also teach you a lot about acting skill towards you,


Other idols that may be popped out from nowhere. 


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For taecyeon and kyuhyun bias



for kyuhyun bias, (one shot)


I updated We dont fight we are just having a heated discussion. I edited the old chapter that i used to upload. enjoyyy :D

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update soon ~~
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Chapter 21: Haha, Jin Ah is such a diva xD And oMo, Jay and Milly are so cute~! I have changed my otp for this story~! Please update soon~! (Don't worry Minjun oppa, I still love you more ^^)
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Chapter 21: Taecueon please`~~~~ (pout)
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Chapter 20: Uh oh... Jin Ah and her mysterious unnie are up to something... I love the adorable reunion between Milly and her band mates~! And how Jin Ah thinks her going out with Jay is a date but honestly it isn't, just a friend thing. Even if Jay likes her, or she likes Jay they still didn't really consider it a date >.< At least not in my opinion XD Please update soon~!
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Chapter 19: Awwwwww, Poor Milly~! Jay likes her~!~!~!~! OMG~!~!~! And my poor Jun. K~!~!~! Please update soon~!
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Chapter 18: Haha~! Great chapter~! Well, as long as you leave my Junho alone~! XD
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Chapter 17: Wahhhhhhhh~! Evil author~! Why does Jun K have to be the one who I think is starting to like Mil~!~? I like Jun K more~! ;-;
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Chapter 15: Great chapter~! I love Em's tomboyishness~! Please update soon~!
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