Always a hug friend


Eun Mi is Super Junior M stylist. She always been there for them. She is really close to them especially to Kyuhyun. He always hug you before he came on stage. Don't get her wrong. She already have a boyfriend. She just like hugging him. She want them to stay that way. She enjoy having a boyfriend figure as she and his boyfriend doesnt get to hang out much because he is too busy with his works. I mean, Kyuhyun want a warm hug and she want a boyfriend figure. Its for both benefits right? Until one night, after a concert in Hari Belia Putrajaya. He came up to her room wanting a hug like usual. but does he?


Annyeong, this is my first one shot. I got this crazee idea when last night I watched Kyuhun hugging a fan in taiwan fan meeting. He hug and sway her side to side. Then, I remembered in hari Belia Putrajaya, SuJu M also came. And there Kyuhyun was. Hugging a fangirl and sway again! no. So this is the video to add to our frustration. hehee *evil chuckle. 

Kyuhyun in Hari Belia Putrajaya.


Kyuhyun in Taiwan Fan Meeting


Please enjoy and comment! :D


my first fanfic for taecyeon and kyuhyun bias,


for taecyeon bias,

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nerd_91 #1
@kittys. me too. i was going crazy when kyuhyun hug the lucky fan XS
i want to recieve hug to!:'( sad ending..
nerd_91 #3
@lhes_snsdlovesuju, no idea. but that picture was taken when SJM came to malaysia for a mini concert. all lucky fan got to meet up with SJM and received a hug from them. huhuuu
who is the girl in the pic ?? :)) VERY LUCKY !!
nerd_91 #5
@cessna_taemin, my sister was about to kill me when she read my ending. i really hope you are like the picture kyuhyun with other suju member. hehee. not the picture with the fan. :)
cessna_taemin #6
Sad ending ..But i like the pictures ...They're so cute =)