A Game We Played

A Game We Played
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The wedding gown is a big dramatical statement for this very sophisticated bride.

The glorious dress glamorously fit to her well defined curves.

Its flare gown even features a corded lace bodice with illusion sleeves, a dazzling Swarovski crystal motif, and a tulle skirt.

The long veil is adorned with weaves of pink silk and laces on its edges.

It flowed freely on the aisle while she walks in the center, gaining all the attentions of the entire attendees.

Heads turned, lips curved into smiles and eyes fixated all to her.

This is the day, her day—the day she wears that awesome gown.



And she looks nothing less of a goddess.



I try to repress the frown in my face.



Taeyeonah! Act happy! You’re the bridesmaid for crying out loud.




But how could I?




I should have been the one she goes to at the end of the aisle.




I should have been the one who will say ‘I do’ and put a ring in her finger.




I should have been the one she would vow her love for all eternity.




I should have been the one.




Not him.




My lower lip jutted out and my eyes sharply shoot sneaky deadly glares at the manly figure at the end of the aisle.

He is wearing his best black tuxedo outfit.

It looked like the one James Bond used in his movies.



It must be very expensive.



He’s so charismatic, so handsome.



I couldn’t compare.




I sighed and tightened my grip on the end of her veil.



Tiffany must have noticed the changes in my facial expression so she stopped walking and looked at me.



“Are you okay, Taengoo?”



How can I be okay?



You’re in a wedding dress, marching in this aisle towards someone that is not me.


How can you ask me that question?


We both know I should have been the one at the end waiting for your hand, wanting your hand.


But it doesn’t matter now, does it?



He’s there… waiting for you.



Sooyoung, the judge that I hired to officiate in this event, raised her eyebrow quizzically.


“Are we getting on with the ceremony?” My long silence must have ticked her patience.


“Ye-yes, your eminence” I choked on my words, turning my gaze away from Tiffany’s eyes.


We continued our stride towards him.



It was long and arduous…and painful.




It was the worst walk I have had in my entire life.



We came to a halt a meter away from him.


Tiffany is smiling happily.



Too eager to get married, huh?



I tried to hide my sulking expressions and put on a façade of congratulatory happiness.

I looked at him and he was all smiles too.

I want to rip his head off and wipe that smile off his oh-so-handsome face.

But instead I turned to Tiffany and said my congratulations, much to my dismay.



Sooyoung started the event.


“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness the tying of two lives. Tiffany and Ken’s lives.”


I saw Tiffany give her patented eye-smile towards her groom.



It should have been mine.



Not his.



 It should have been me.



Not him.




“Is there anyone in here who has any grievances or proofs as to null this marriage before it happens? Speak now or forever hold your piece.”







Tiffany should not marry him.



He’s not for her.






I…don’t want to.



She’s not marrying him.



She’s not marrying him.



She’s not marrying him.




I took all the courage I have in me and run towards the groom.





















I shouted as I took his whole body with my bare hands and ferociously bit him.





Tiffany’s jaw dropped in complete shock.



Sooyoung glared at me.

















I’m a dinosaur.







You’ve never seen a dinosaur bite people’s head off?”


I innocently asked, trying to evade the building glare in Fany’s eyes.


I quietly kicked Ken away from us.


“But I’m supposed to be getting married, Taeyeonah!” Fany stated matter of factly.


“And whether or not this event continues, I’m getting paid, okay? You promised me an ice cream ticket for officiating” Sooyoung blurted.


I hurriedly took the ice cream ticket I earned from recitation in Math class a while ago and gave it to Sooyoung.


The giant scrammed away and I was left with a saddened Tiffany.


“Don’t be sad anymore Fany-ah. Let’s just play another game. You can be the princess and I’ll be a prince. But I’ll be a dinosaur first.” I poked her waist.


She wore that quizzical expression she always wears when she’s silently considering things.


“Okay. But why would you be a dinosaur?” She asked while taking off the fake wedding gown and veil she’s wearing.


“An ice princess fell in love with me but I didn’t return her feelings so she hired a witch to curse me and turn me into a dinosaur and only true love’s kiss from a princess can return me to a human prince!” I exclaimed, raising my fist into the air.



I’m such a genius!



“And you would be the princess!” I added, pointing at Tiffany.








“Kids, it’s art class now. Let’s go” I heard the teacher call us from below.






Tiffany smiled at me and took Ken from the floor.


My shoulders fell and my heart felt so sad.


I was disappointed and heartbroken.



Still Ken, huh?



Her hands intertwined with mine.



“Let’s go, Tae-nosaur”



And she kissed my cheek.


“You’re now my human prince. Let’s go kill that ice princess in art class.”




And I beamed the biggest smile I have ever shown the world.





*le author walking away



All Hail TAENY~~~

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