Three's a company, two's a crowd



Do Kyungsoo is now living with the Kims. For years of transferring from one foster family to another, he felt at ease with his new family especially with his foster brother, Jongin. He falls in love with Kim Joonmyun but he knows that in doing so, Jongin will get hurt.

Kim Jongin, on the other hand, is confused. He likes his foster brother Kyungsoo. But he knows he’s not supposed to.

Kim Joonmyun is in love with Kyungsoo. But he can’t get around him because of his brother. And that brother is his real brother.

Their lives are intertwined in ways no one can imagine.


Well, a new story. Hopefully, I have enough inspiration to update Taken. Bear with me and for those who stuck with me, I love you all.


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SeledAss #1
even if it has been 4years...i still hope for an update :)
HanaDO #2
Chapter 2: authornim~ please keep writing and continue this awesome stories,, it confuses me, kyungmyeon or kaisoo, i <3 kyungmyeon, but i like both since they love kyungsoo^^