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Exo spend a lot of time annoying each other on Facebook. Hilarity Stupidity ensues. 


WELCOME| to our crack fic, inspired by the stupid things we encountered in our everyday lives. Thanks for evolving it into its final form with us! I'm glad we made so many people happy even though this fic is only a compilation of stupid moments and internet jokes. 

AUTHORS| Admin K writes in blue. Admin L writes in purple. K mostly does status' and L mostly does editing, image-finding, image-making (like that obba one) and her irl jokes are often coverted into status'. Thank you for putting up with all my gramatical errors OTL

MESSAGE| Thanks so much for every upvote and subscription. Generally, we try to reply to most comments, though we did miss a few during our subscriber spike because we got featured (thanks so so much for that achievement). Also, thanks for the affectionate reminders, we made his surname is Xi because it looked good (tbh.)

WARNINGs| The fic contains a lot of cursing and innuendos so hide your kids. 
Everything written here are jokes made by fictional characters and may not relfect the authors' opinions in real life, and is not written with the intention of offending anyone. If you are easily disturbed, we advise that you do not proceed (lol). Admin L: And we are not responsible for the hospital funds if you suffer from reading this. 

Please don't take or reupload our content since we worked hard to produce it! 

i can't believe y'all are still commenting on this omg (its ancient) but thank you so much! :D

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LovelyCake #1
Chapter 36: Is it bad that I'm still here?
Brb its been 4 years since this was released and it'll be my 83298181th time reading this again isbianakakaanj
chanlily2109 #3
Chapter 14: I really liked this. I laughed so hard as I am so stressed.
Chapter 8: Oh god
I nearly fell off the bed with the blond doramon comment
Living these
Chapter 4: yixingful ^^
Chapter 2: ohmygoshh jongin lmaaaaao
Chapter 31: I just got the "a fan" joke and literally punched a wall
Chapter 37: I can't stop laughing no matter how many times i have read this...