Kris is Jealous

Forbid to Love
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Chapter20- Kris is Jealous

Its been 1 week since I realize my true feeling for him. I love him. Yes I do love him. Sometimes I'm asking myself does he feel the same way towards me?? Maybe Yes. Maybe No. And its been 1 week since I start avoiding him. I can't stand myself near him. my knees are getting weaker and weaker wheneer i heard his voice or whenever I smell his vanilla scent.

So I'd decided to avoid him. and start hanging around on Lay. I like Him. I feel comfortable when he's talking to me. and you know Miyoung is gone. Yeah she's gone. and she threatned me


I was walking at the hallway when miyoung appear in front of me.

"" she said looking at me

"What do you want?" I asked annoyed because I have no time for her bulls.

"Come with me" she said and walked away. I don't know but my feet obeys that . 

we arrived at the cafeteria she handed me a bubble tea at first I refuse but she said take it so I took it.

"Look, I going back to US to continue my study there, It means the arranged marriage between me and Kris is over. and I know you like him" she said and sip on her bubble tea

"How can you say that?" I asked raising my eyebrows. 

"I'm not dumb, Idiot! You can call me but not Dumb. The way you looked at him these past few days no doubt Flast chested, you like him!" she said and I glared at her for calling me flat chested

"Don't give that glare as if I did something wrong on you. I'm just stating the fact. You really are a flat Chested." she rolled her eyes heavenward and took a sip. "So I was saying I'm  going back to US and since you like him I'm giving him up to you. I don't want to be a antogonist in your Corny Story" 

"Then what do you want me to do?" I asked emotionlessly

"You Flat Chested Idiot!! I want you to end up together!! If you hurt him. I will emmediatly fly back here in seoul and I wll rip your Ugly face and steal Kris away form you got it?" she said and I nodded she grab her things and stood up "by the way.. Don't get me wrong but I'm only doing this because of kris your still my Ugly Enemy" she gave me her last smile and walked away.

"You're wrong ugly witch I Don't like him. Infact I love him. Thank you." I mumbled and walked away


"Manageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!" kai shouted make me back into reality

"Oh Mianhe Kai Oppa" I said and rubbed the back of my neck

"You called him Oppa?"



"Call me Oppa too!!"

the exo childish members glared at Kai. but Kai just stick his tounge to them. 

were having our break here in cafeteria and as usual they're very loud and stubborn!! Tao keep nagging sehun about his new rainbow colored hair. while 

sehun just tapping and hissing at Tao.

Lay sit next to me and gave me a sandwich "what's wrong?" he asked

"Nothing don't mind me" I said and smile "by the way thank you for this" 

"Its my pleasure" he said and act like a servant bowing on her queen.

"hahahahha you're cute"

Kris POV

I looked at amber and Lay. she's avoiding and I don't know why. Did I do something wrong? tch. I can't understand girls. I continue eating and ignored their love dovey stuff. tch!! 

"hahahahahah!!! Your funny!! You owe me a Ice cream Later" amber said and i glared at Lay. they keep hanging around abd amber start to avoid me. 

does she like Lay?? if girl acting like that it means she likes the boy. and Amber like Lay. well I don't care right? tch...

Okayy fine I'm jealous!! I don't know her problem and she keep avoiding me. and she keep hanging around with Lay. whenever I talk to him she will say 'I'm busy Kris just talk to Baekyhun or Kai' and she's calling me Kris!! not Cookie Monster or Coco Brain. 

I'm Jealous because she's always laughing with lay. whenever I will try to pissed her she will always say 'I'm not in the mood' 

she changed and I don't know why.

I remembered and I kissed her on the lips her soft lips... and I'm still asking myself why did I do that???

Do I like her?

Of course NO!!

She's not my type Look at her she's wearing men's clothes, she's acting as if she's a boy, she's not y, and she's flat!!

then why I am acting like this??

I don't know!! aish!!!

What did you do to me Amber??

"Hyung!! what wrong?" I looked at chanyeol and everyone at the table i staring at me

"Nothing" I mumbled

"Nothing?? Then Look at the bottle!!! You're crashing it!" Baekyhun said pointing to the bottle. I looked at it and he's right

"are you sure you alright Kris?" suho asked me and I just nodded. 

"Hyung" Chanyeol whisper 


"You throwing daggers at lay a while ago. did you guys fight?" he asked worried I smile at him and patted his back 

"Ofcourse now I'm just not in the mood." I replied 



I Kris Wu is Jealous. Yes I'm Jealous. and I think I like Amber. and I Miss the Old Amber.



Thank You for the Long Wait :)) i'm busy watching some korean movies!! Back to school Tom. I'm nervous =______=

Sorry for the late update....... Mianheyo!




Look at my Baby <3


Saranghe Baekyhun =))

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Jia_Alrik #1
Chapter 15: I don't know what you are going through but i hope that you are okay <3 please update soon and let me know if you have abandoned the story or you are just busy ? please
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Kris you should hear till the finish, jelly dragon!
update soon, pls!
Chapter 32: lol you kris! yeah duh. she likes lay. but
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Chapter 32: Who is that woman??
Is her himchan mother??
Poor ma daddy dragon, u misunderstanding daddy.
Yeay this story not hiatus.
Chapter 32: You'rr assuming things by yourself kris -.- amber likes YOU!

Who on earth is the madame? Why does she sound so mean???

Update more xDD
Chapter 32: Amber like lay as a friend aww Kris jelly.
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