Numbed II




"Two years, it's a really long time. Anything can change. Especially people." 


"A promise, is a promise." 


"Then I guess you are being too naive." 





Choi Yeojin (19) 





  • Bang YongGuk
  • Kim Himchan
  • Jung Daehyun
  • Yoo Youngjae
  • Moon Jongup
  • Choi Junhong


Block B:



  • Lee Tae Il
  • Lee Minhyuk (B.Bomb)
  • Ahn Jae Hyo
  • Kim Yu Kwon (U-kwon) 
  • Park Kyung
  • Woo Ji Ho (Zico) 
  • Pyo Ji Hoon (P.O) 






Hi everyone, I'm back with the sequel for Numbed! ^^

If you have yet to read the first part, please click this ->


Should there be any similarities with the work of another author, please note that it is pure coincidence. ^^ 

Enjoy~ ;)


All gifs used belong to their rightful owner! :D 

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Chapter 13: ah mean...please continue your story
Banghimlo #2
Chapter 10: Both of them are so funny xD Get well soon Daehyun :)
Banghimlo #3
Chapter 9: Youngjae is a very good friend.Let me pat Daehyun's back :D
Banghimlo #4
Chapter 8: Fighting Daehyun!! :)
Banghimlo #5
Chapter 7: Aawww~ Lol Joungup so cute
Banghimlo #6
Chapter 6: Daehyun,you are so sweet ^.^
Banghimlo #7
Chapter 5: You teaser xD
Banghimlo #8
Chapter 4: At last she told him everything! Poor Yeojin :(
sseollri #9
Chapter 6: Wah. Authornim. So happy you updated. I miss this story. Thanks for the update. Cant wait what gonna happen next.
Chapter 3: Daehyun :o